Arguably the most technical and complicated PPE garments are the ones that protect you from the most dangerous working hazards – these garments are the ones that make up the PULSAR® Flame Retardant, Anti-static and Electric ARC collection.

ARC clothing must meet a lot of different criteria in order to comply with the standards they need to conform to, going through several rigorous tests ensuring not only the fabric passes but also the complete garment, making them fit for purpose. After all, what’s the point in knowing the fabric passes if you can’t get the garment off because the zip has melted? FR-AST-ARC garments are worn in potentially life-threatening situations, which is why the testing process must be precise, strict and stringent.

In this blog, we are going to break down what exactly an ARC Flash is, the innovative Protal® fabrics used throughout FR-AST-ARC garments and why you should be choosing PULSAR®

What is an ARC Flash?

An ARC Flash is an undesired electric discharge that travels in the air between conductors or from one conductor to the earth. The resulting explosion can reach heights of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit – to put that in perspective, the surface of the sun is a mere 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, in Layman’s terms, an ARC Flash is an extremely dangerous occurrence that more than likely will cause serious injury, and maybe even fatalities, if the worker isn’t protected properly.

This is exactly why FR-AST-ARC garments are only manufactured using the very best fabrics/components, and with extreme precision and care – there can be no room for error or chances taken when somebody’s life is potentially at risk.

Man wearing Pulsar Rail Arc polo

What is Protal?

Protal® is a new super high-performance Protex fibre blend, supplied by Waxman fibres that are only available through their partnership chain, from the spinning of fibre, through knitting and weaving, to finished garments, ultimately giving the wearer a consistency of compliance not available with many other FR fabrics.

All PULSAR® FR-AST-ARC garments are exclusively manufactured with Protal® fibres and fabric, as they are an official Protal Partner.

Protal® fabric has 3 different levels of fabric – Protal® 1, Protal® 3 and Protal® 5. Each fabric is a different blend, which offers different levels of protection, strength and durability.

Protal 1 is the industry-standard fibre blend, featuring the new generation of Protex fibre – the next generation in FR PPE solutions. Partners produce this highly technical fibre and carefully blend it with the very best complementary fibres (such as cotton and viscose) to produce workwear that hundreds of thousands of workers rely on every day.

Protal 3 takes modacrylic blends to a new technical level, providing enhanced protection for welding applications at lighter weights, edge ignition and general metal splash protection. Specifically designed for multi-risk avoidance, Protal 3 also offers improved fabric strength.

Protal 5 provides a globally compliant super-strength lightweight fabric. For the first time, comfort and safety are now introduced to this market sector which has previously been dominated by aramid only fabrics.

Why choose PULSAR?

Working closely with Protal® and other partners, PULSAR® have been able to create a highly innovative collection of FR-AST-ARC clothing and bring garments to the market that go above and beyond the wearer’s expectations.

Their range consists of 3 different layered elements; next-to-skin garments (base layers), workwear garments (Polo ShirtsSweat ShirtCombat Trousers and a Coverall) and waterproof garments (Salopettes) in order to provide maximum protection for the wearer. The more layers you wear, the more protected you are from the dangers of your workplace.

PULSAR®’s range is suitable for several different industries: whether you work in Petro-chemical, Utilities, Offshore or Power & Energy, their garments won’t just provide you with functionality, compliance and performance but also maximum comfort. If you’d like to know more, please contact your local Service Centre and we’ll be happy to guide you through it.