‘Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that’ – David Attenborough.

David Attenborough

It’s more apparent than ever that if we all make mindful choices, even down to the paper hygiene & wiping products that we use, we can all start to make a difference to the world that we live in. So, isn’t it time that we all make this conscious decision?

Within Pristine’s paper hygiene range, there is a full product offer with a complete life cycle within the UK, meaning the raw material, conversion and shipment is all localised, ensuring they keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

Choosing products that are manufactured in the UK, offers significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to those products that are manufactured and then shipped from overseas, therefore taking a huge step towards bettering our planet.

Presuming the manufacturing process is the broadly the same in each location, the CO2 emissions below represents the rate for shipping from different locations around the world. The data is based on shipping 1 pallet of 539299 to Greenham Midlands (WS9 8UY).
•Far East – 53.03kg CO2 *
•Western Europe – 29.76kg CO2 *
•UK – 4.53kg CO2 *
(** See below for port assumptions)

Many of the paper hygiene products that are made in the far east are manufactured from Bamboo and claim to be a more conscious product. However, Bamboo is only commercially farmed in the far east, so we question how this claim can be made looking at the figures above.

Pristine’s Paper Hygiene Range

Blue roll toilet roll hand towels kitchen roll

Below are a few of Pristine’s sustainably sourced products, however a the full range can be viewed online:
539283 – Pristine 2 ply, white Hygiene roll, 25cm x 50m, 100% recycled paper, 18 rolls per case.
539299 – Pristine 2 ply blue centrefeed roll, 175mm x 120m, 100% recycled and food safe paper, 6 rolls per case.
889093 – Pristine eco luxury soft 4 pack toilet roll, 2 ply, 210 sheets (104mm x 23m), 100% recycled toilet roll, 40 rolls per case.
539298 – Pristine ultra soft luxury 4 pack toilet roll, 3 ply, 104mm x 20m, pure pulp, 40 rolls per case.
539292 – Pristine 2 ply mini jumbo toilet roll, 90mm x 200m, 76mm core, 100% recycled paper, 12 rolls per case.
539294 – Pristine 2 ply jumbo toilet roll, 90mm x 400m, 60mm core, 100% recycled paper, 6 rolls per case.
539314 – Pristine 1 ply, blue z-fold hand towel, sheet size: 240mm x 230mm, 250 towels x 12 sleeves (3,000 towels) per case

Responsible Sourcing of the Base Sheet

Every paper hygiene product within the Pristine range is FSC® certified, a certification only given to products that are sustainably and responsibly sourced and reduce harmful demand on our world. This is audited by an external body annually.
The FSC® certification applies for all the products but if you are wanting to take one step further you can choose one of their many products made from 100% recycled paper, which further reduces the impact on the environment and worlds forests. Recycled paper is sourced and converted within the UK at the manufacture’s own mills, which also reduces waste during production as offcuts and rejects are sent back to the mills to be recycled back into product.


Another step they have taken is within the packaging of the Pristine products. All paper hand towels have now been moved to a paper wrap – rather than plastic – and can be recycled after use.

Where they cannot move away from plastic packaging, they have changed it to be at least 30% PCR (recycled – Post Consumer Resin). The plastic they use in their packaging is also widely recyclable, once removed!

Green leaf with water droplets

Finally, the cardboard cartons used for the Pristine hygiene rolls and hand towels as well as the cores in toilet rolls, hygiene rolls and centrefeed rolls, are made from recycled material and again can be recycled.

As a business they have taken steps in their decision-making process to offer you environmentally conscious products, and as you can see the choices they make in sourcing and choosing products does impact the environment and climate change.

So, as David Attenborough says ‘Never before have we had the power to do something about it’, and now as individuals and retailers we do.


*Western Europe is Spain, Bilbao and Far East is Guangzhou, China