It goes without saying, safety is vital amongst a workplace. Everyday workers are faced with potential risks and hazards that can be dangerous to one’s life. Although there may be measures in place to help minimise these risks, ensuring a worker has the correct protective garments is a huge factor in helping to reduce potential workplace hazards.

With April being a moderate spring month in the UK, the average temperatures vary from 5.5°C to 14.3°C. With the ever-changing and unpredictable British weather conditions, PULSAR® have designed a collection of Mid-Layers for wearers to adapt their PPE to have on any working environment.

The Benefits of having compatible protective garments

If two or more types of clothing are worn, they should not interfere with each other. PULSAR® have a multitude of garments that interact with one another maintaining safety standards. This means we can protect the wearer in whatever layer they choose to wear, in both wet and cold weather conditions as well as warmer, milder conditions.

PULSAR® pride themselves on their multipurpose and versatile Body Warmer, their only garment that comes with four different ways to wear it. It conforms to the highest level of EN ISO:20471 and interacts as a layered system with the PULSAR® Unlined Storm Coats – ensuring its status as a high-quality, high-performance garment that people in the workplace can trust and rely upon. The garment can be reversed to a soft grey touch micro fibre lining and the sleeves can also be detached so the body warmer can be worn in a gilet style. Full length YKK zip fastenings also allows a smooth interaction with the PULSAR® Unlined Storm Coats.

Pulsar Bodywarmer

The summer is approaching…

We all love warm, sunny weather – particularly as it’s famously hard to come by in the UK – but we often forget that it is unhealthy for our skin to be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. Obviously, those at most risk are the people who spend most of their working day outside, including people involved in construction, railways, maintenance, local authority, and utility sectors to name but a few. With spring now here and the weather set to increase to warmer conditions, it is important to consider ways to protect yourself in the sun. For example, PULSAR® have developed a range of polo shirts incorporating a moisture wicking treatment to help prevent heat exhaustion, helping the wearer to protect themselves whilst working in the sun throughout the day.