Cleaning is an everyday process for the majority of workplaces and the need for cleaning products is a constant. We want to help our customers tackle routine and periodic cleaning tasks with a reduced impact on the environment. As something that is used so often and needs replacing frequently it is important to begin making sustainable changes. Depending on your business your sustainability goals can be different, for example how far you have come on your sustainability journey or what you want to be your focus. We have developed some sustainability goals which we believe to be important to reach within the cleaning sector: reducing your plastic consumption, carbon footprint and water use while increasing the number of recycled products and plant-based products you are using.


A big part of reducing our impact on the planet is reducing the amount of single use plastic we use in our everyday lives. Choosing products that use alternative materials or plastics that can be recycled can be a daunting process, but we want to make it as simple as possible for you when deciding on sustainable products. As an alternative to classic limited life cleaning cloths our exclusive Cleanworks  range now includes compostable cloths which are fully biodegradable and compostable. They are compliant whilst having minimal impact on the planet. This is an easy swap which can be placed in the organic food waste bin after use rather than going into landfill.

The recent press has highlighted the negative effects of plastic in wipes and how they can damage our environment and clog waste streams. Our primary objective is to promote responsible consumption and production, aiming to protect life on land and water as well as being effective for professional use. The entire market is looking at ways of reducing and eliminating plastic and our exclusive brand Cleanline Eco has now launched Ultra-One wipes. These are multi surface wipes which are made from natural plant-derived fibres that use a unique blend of natural organic ingredients to clean and disinfect surfaces. This is another sustainable alternative to help in the reduction of plastic.

We have also now launched Cleanline Eco Soluble Sachets which massively reduce the need for plastic as they are fully biodegradable and can just be placed into water. By removing the addition of water at the point of packaging, Soluble Sachets eliminate the need for transporting gallons of water across the country to reach the consumer, also reducing the amount of single use plastic bottles needed. There is no need for the single use trigger spray bottles as they can be used in conjunction with reusable bottles or buckets. The pouches they are packaged in are made from paper rather than plastic making them a complete plastic free alternative.

Our new PRISTINE Air Fresh Solid 60-day air freshener uses an innovative carrageen central fragrance core. Derived from seaweed, this material is a sustainable alternative to synthetic chemicals being sprayed into the air and lasts twice as long as a standard solid air freshener, reducing plastic, eliminating the need for batteries, and promoting a healthier air quality.


As well as containing a reduced amount of plastic the Cleanworks ProEco Compostable cloths and Cleanline eco ultra-one wipes are also made with plant-based products. Choosing products that contain plant-based ingredients are gentler on the environment than those that contain synthetic ingredients. The compostable cloths and ultra-one wipes are made using plant derived materials which break down much quicker in the correct environment than plastic would. These help to reduce the impact that they cause on the environment.

Cleanline Eco Ultra-One wipes are made from 100% viscose material and a blend of natural organic ingredients; lactic acid, tartaric acid, peppermint oil and lavender oil which are proven to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses. This reduces the need to use potent chemicals which can be potentially harmful to the environment.


At Greenham, we know it’s important to reduce carbon emissions to help reduce the effects of global warming on the planet. By removing the addition of water at the point of packaging, the Cleanline Eco Soluble Sachets eliminate the need for transporting gallons of water across the country to reach the consumer, reducing carbon emissions by up to 95%.

Further to this, Pristine Air Fresh Solid air fresheners are certified carbon neutral as the carbon emissions generated in production are offset through verified carbon offsetting schemes which support gold standard community based verified carbon reduction projects.

We offer a large range of concentrated products which reduce carbon emissions by up to 98%, compared to ready-to-use products, by reducing the transportation of water. All our Cleanline Eco products are manufactured and bottled in the UK to minimise carbon emissions as well as the raw materials for the packaging is sourced in the UK.


Reducing the amount of water, you use when cleaning is important in reducing your impact on the environment. The CleanWorks ProClean Microfibre Flat Mopping System and Microfibre Cloth are great products to help you reduce the amount of water you use.

The microfibre mop pad attracts and holds dirt for effective cleaning without the need for chemicals and the spray mechanism means there is no need for a bucket or excessive amounts of water/ chemicals. By the mopping system not needing a bucket the amount of water needed when cleaning even soiled areas is reduced by a large amount and helps to reduce strain on the users as there is no need to carry heavy buckets of water.

Similarly, the microfibre cloth attracts and holds dirt just as the microfibre mop pad with minimal water and chemicals, this allows for effective cleaning and dusting of surfaces without excessive use of water.


Choosing products which you can recycle is a great step towards your sustainability goals. Reducing the amount of waste that enters landfill is important, therefore we want to provide solutions for your everyday products that can either be composted, biodegrade, or are made from recycled materials. Our Cleanline Trigger sprays are made with recyclable labels and heads which helps in reducing the amount of plastic that goes to waste and that can’t be reused. The plastic they are made from is post-consumer recycled plastic which is sourced in the UK.

Our search for innovation to strive for a more sustainable future is ongoing, and we are constantly looking for new alternative materials and technologies to help you reduce your impact on the environment.

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