You can rely on Bunzl Greenham to bring innovations to the hygiene market through our network of partnerships. Our long-standing partner, GOJO, has consistently stayed ahead of the competition throughout their history, inventing hand sanitizer, portion-controlled dispensers, and more. We’re proud to be helping them bring their latest innovation to market, under the PRISTINE brand – refill cartridges made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (R-PET).

The Future

In the next ten minutes alone, more than 5.2 million kilograms of plastic waste will be generated. That’s an ecological problem that cannot be ignored. To combat the accumulation of waste plastic in our oceans and other environments, we are working to make our packaging fully recyclable, replacing virgin plastics with recycled ones. This reduces the amount of new waste being created, whilst removing existing plastic waste from our environment.

93% Fewer Carbon Emissions

The plastic required for the 100% recycled R-PET PRISTINE collapsible cartridge bottle can be produced without exhausting natural resources as well as lowering carbon emissions*. It’s a first for the hygiene market and is just one of the steps GOJO is taking to help solve the problem of single-use plastic and achieve zero waste. What is more, the new PRISTINE refills have been extensively tested to ensure that using recycled PET does not impact the efficacy of the products or cause any other issues for end users. They passed with flying colours!

For now, the only plastic affected is PET. Certain components, like pumps, must be made of other, stronger plastics to withstand wear, and recycled versions of these plastics are not currently available.

Driving the Sustainable Agenda

The pressure is growing on all sides for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment. By partnering with innovative suppliers and choosing the PRISTINE brand, Bunzl Greenham helps customers make smart, sustainable choices that still deliver business impact.

GOJO will continue developing innovative and safe hygiene solutions to promote greater health and well-being and aim for a more sustainable future. That means reducing environmental impacts, plastic waste, and emissions. It means looking after our planet, its ecosystems, and its people.

Future plans include; by 2025 all GOJO products, under the PRISTINE brand, will be switched to 100% recyclable packaging. The aim is to also achieve a 30% reduction in the use of virgin plastic and reduce waste by 20%. By 2030, GOJO pledges that 100% of their PRISTINE cosmetic formulas will be classed as ‘biodegradable’ and by 2050, they are committed to achieving carbon net zero.

These goals form part of the GOJO ‘Journey to Green’ sustainability manifesto, which is underpinned by four core principles: plastics and circularity, clean chemistry, resilience and climate responsibility, and flourishing team GOJO.

Together, we can make the world a better cleaner place.
Join us on our Journey to Green and our commitment to the future

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