Globus has been protecting people in industry and healthcare for over 30 years, putting people at the heart of everything they do. To streamline their services, the Alpha Solway brand has now been consolidated under the Skytec brand umbrella. You can expect the exact same high quality safety equipment you know and trust.

Skytec will now be the overarching brand for hand, head, respiratory, hearing, and clothing protection, providing innovative safety solutions for workers across industries. Skytec products are synonymous with quality, innovation, and value, and are some of the most technically advanced products in the industry. Designed for the most complex and hazardous tasks, offering protection levels for a range of applications.

Skytec Respiratory Protection

Skytec offers a range of high-quality respirators with diverse protection levels against dust, fumes, and viruses, ensuring workforce safety. The Skytec respiratory range includes reusable respirators with various filter options, and disposable valved and unvalved variants, achieving excellent fit test pass rates for superior performance.

According to the HSE annual report there are 12,000 lung disease deaths estimated each year linked to past exposures at work. On top of this, there are also 19,000 estimated new cases of lung or breathing problems caused or made worse by work on average over the last three years. Respiratory protection remains a priority for Globus, and the optimum respiratory protection offered by Alpha Solway products will continue to safeguard workers, under the Skytec brand.

Respiratory hazards include exposure to silica dust and wood dust in construction industries, as well as flour dust in food industry applications, and chemical hazards in more high-risk work. Being aware of the hazards in a workplace and the appropriate respiratory equipment to minimise these risks is vital for employers to safeguard their workforce.

When it comes to using the right respirator, one key decision is whether to opt for a valve or non-valve option. The benefits of non-valve respirators include protecting both the wearer and those nearby by filtering incoming and outgoing air. This makes non-valve respirators ideal for healthcare settings and other applications where source control is essential. Many non-valve respirators are also disposable, meaning cross-contamination is unlikely to occur between wears as it will be a fresh mask each time. Contrastingly, valve respirators have a one-way exhalation valve, facilitating easier exhalation, reducing moisture build up, and enhancing breathability. Valve respirators are popular for their comfort, which is often necessary in construction and industrial environments.

It is also important to remember that proper fit testing is essential to check the seal between the mask and the wearer’s face to provide effective protection against airborne particles.

Globus 360 Programme

Not sure what is right for you?

The Globus 360 Safety Programme is a free no-obligation service, to help assess and identify the specific personal protective equipment (PPE) needs for a particular site or workplace. This programme is designed to make measurable improvements, underpinned by training and a bespoke support package.

The service includes a thorough evaluation of the site’s hazards, applications, potential risks, and workforce requirements to determine the appropriate PPE solutions. From this risk assessment, Globus can identify the workplace respiratory hazards, including gas, spray or mist, fumes, liquid, or vapour and select the correct respirator for the task.

As part of the Globus 360 programme, there is a dedicated team of Fit2Fit Accredited RPE Technical Specialists who provide comprehensive training and support to companies. This service is included as part of their extended after-sales support. The specialists are proficient in both Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, ensuring that wearers receive the highest level of expertise. The significance of providing continued assistance to wearers is prioritised by Globus, and they strive to go above and beyond to help and support them.

Globus also go the extra mile to ensure our recommendations align succinctly with your broader business objectives; from simply improving site safety or gaining a cost-saving to lowering your carbon footprint and meeting your business sustainability goals.