PULSAR pride themselves on designing and manufacturing high-performance apparel that keeps the wearer both protected and comfortable – as proven by their technologically advanced collection of waterproof garments. Some of the weather conditions throughout the winter months can be extreme and potentially dangerous, therefore it is vital that workers are provided with high-quality garments that can combat the elements throughout the working day.

Winter 2020/21, temperatures dropped to a record of -23°C in the UK with places in England receiving 214% of season winter rainfall (Winter and February climate statistics – Met Office). Working within these conditions can be extremely dangerous, so here are the things to look out for this winter when selecting Hi-Vis:

The highest level of protection class. High Visibility garments should pass a certain standard before made an official safety garment and deemed as PPE. Each garment is tested and passed to a standard and specification of either Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

Class 1: Lowest Level of Protection

Class 2: Intermediate Level of Protection

Class 3: Highest Level of Protection

Within adverse weather conditions and working within dark environments, you must choose a Class 3 garment in order to maximise your safety at work.

The components of Hi-Vis clothing/

Fluorescent Materials: Yellow and orange are the official fluorescent colours in protective High Visibility garments (EN20471). The sun ultraviolet rays react with fluorescent colours to increase the level of visibility from the garments. This helps people to be seen in, not only normal working environments but also in dusk, fog and rain weather conditions.

Reflective Strips: These are designed to enhance visibility during adverse weather conditions and dark environments. At PULSAR we use RFX and 3M Scotchlite reflective tape, throughout our high visibility collection. They are specially selected to ensure the highest level of reflectivity, even after repeated laundry. Sew on, heat applied and stretchy tapes are used throughout the PULSAR range generating comfort.

Quality, Reliability and Innovation:

These are the foundations on which we have built the success of the PULSAR brand. Focusing on the wearers of the PULSAR clothing, making sure they feel comfortable and ready to take on whatever the day will throw at them. Our team of technical garments specialists are ready to help and work out solutions to problems; solutions our design department translates into functional and attractive new clothing. These designs are then hand crafted at specially selected and ethical productional facilities across the globe.

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation with our certified, technologically advanced products, ensuring the people who wear them can be confident in the knowledge they are protected from all elements and potential workplace hazards.

Unlined Storm Coat

The PULSAR Unlined Storm Coats are waterproof and breathable to the highest level of EN ISO:20471, ensuring its status as high-quality, high-performance garment that people in the workplace can trust and rely upon. The Storm Coat is made with Micro-fleece collar for added warmth alongside a 100% polyester mesh lining and wrap around adjustable storm cuffs with neoprene inner cuff. Designed for optimal comfort with maximum performance in the harshest of weather conditions, the garment is also part of the PULSAR interactive layering system, meaning anyone of the PULSAR Soft Shell, Body Warmer or Polar Fleece can be zipped into the Storm Coat, creating a garment that can enhance the protection of the wearer even further, even in cold and extreme weather conditions.

Interactive Body Warmer

The PULSAR sleeved Body Warmer interacts as a layered system with the PULSAR Unlined Storm Coats. The garment can be reversed to the grey soft touch micro fibre lining and the sleeves can also be detached so the body warmer can work in a gilet style. A full length YKK zip fastening is incorporated. YKK are the world’s largest zipper/zip pull manufacture.