Learn more about the efficacy of this range of products designed with workers for workers, and proven to provide industrial workers with extra power and care.

The industrial workplace today is a far cry from that of 50 years ago. With increased Health & Safety regulations and cleaner workplaces, workers are exposed to significantly fewer heavy contaminants than in the past. But do modern hand cleaners reflect this?

Skin care experts SC Johnson Professional carried out extensive onsite research to look into this further and find out exactly what the modern industrial employee was looking for in terms of skin care.

It was found that many workers were using outdated skin care products that were not fit for purpose in both light and heavy industrial environments – leading to the innovation and launch of the new Power Foams range, a ground-breaking product in terms of modern industrial skin care.

The Situation

SC Johnson Professional conducted a broad range of worker focus groups and manager interviews across the UK, Germany and the US. This research ranged from manufacturing sites to distribution centres with the aim of finding out more about worker needs and the frequent skin care challenges faced in the modern industrial workplace. The findings included outdated cleaning agents that were heavy in solvents and abrasive scrubbing ingredients. Whilst effective at removing grease, these were quickly drying out and sensitising the skin with repeated usage. Employees were not happy with the state of their hands, but most simply saw it as part of the job.

On the other hand, it was also found that many employees in light industry such as warehousing were using washroom soaps. These soaps were unfit for use in an industrial setting, not effectively cleaning soilings from the skin, leaving them sore and stressed from over-washing. With a huge range of challenges in this sector, from light to heavy and rare to frequent soiling, SC Johnson Professional launched the first product range designed purely for the needs of modern industrial workers.


Trans-epidermal water loss testing (TEWL) is a standard high quality test to measure skin damage; it measures the skin barrier function through its ability to retain moisture.

SC Johnson Professional, however, utilised TEWL testing under more rigorous conditions, performing these tests repeatedly after washing over a period of days rather than hours, to replicate usage in the workplace.

SC Johnson Professional tested how Power Foams performed after repeated use, carrying out a forearm patch test over 4-5 days, applying the product, rinsing and then measuring the skin condition versus a control patch that had no product applied. With Power Foams, the skin condition remained healthy, whereas with some competitors’ products, after repeated usage the skin condition was becoming stressed and reaching a critical condition that under long term usage, could lead to a serious risk of developing an occupational skin disorder (OSD).

Unlike many UK competitors, SC Johnson Professional also ensured that Power Foams were ECARF tested. This meant that they were tested on participants with diagnosed serious skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema – as no reaction was found, the products could be certified.

The extensive and stringent testing carried out by the skin care experts proves the high skin compatibility and research that sits behind the innovative new range.


Power Foams have been formulated to achieve twice the cleaning performance as traditional soaps. Estesol FX Power Foam is designed for lighter industrial environments and Solopol GFX is a Gritty Power Foam for heavy duty industrial requirements.

There is a common misconception among industrial workers that heavy scrubbers are necessary to clean their skin. In fact, for example, 90% of the cleaning performance of Solopol GFX (the heavier duty option of the two hand cleaning innovations) comes from the soap; natural scrubbers are added to aid the removal of more stubborn soilings from the skin.

Many competitor cleaners use jagged or sharp scrubbers such as pumice stone that could potentially damage the skin; SC Johnson Professional therefore decided to include cornmeal and olive stones in the GFX formulation, both of which are less abrasive to the skin due to their smoother surfaces.

End-user Preference End-user testing showed that 69% of users agreed that Estesol FX left hands feeling conditioned, and 77% of users preferred the product compared with their existing traditional lotion hand cleansers. For heavier industry, the introduction of Gritty Power Foam Solopol GFX has led to an even higher preference rate; 87% of users favour the product. The proven extra care of GFX also means that hands feel smooth and cared for after use, with almost 4 in 5 users agreeing.

In addition, SC Johnson Professional’s most researched, insight-driven product range has seen the first ever grey and black dispensers. Focus groups helping to shape the design of the product, with a darker colour choice selected for industrial washrooms.


Once installed, Power Foams are quick and easy to maintain and efficient in use. Each cartridge provides more than twice as many effective hand washes compared with traditional lotion hand cleansers.

The new Power Foams range is unique in the extent of work and research done to understand user needs. SC Johnson Professional are bringing products to market that are tuned in to specific modern

industrial workers and their skin care requirements; they are the only industrial hand cleaners proven to give extra power and extra care. For more information on SC Johnson Professional’s Power Foams range, head here.

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