MaxiDex® revolutionises hand protection with its groundbreaking hybrid design, combining the durability of mechanical handling gloves with the dexterity and liquid repellence of disposable gloves. Powered by ViroSan™ technology, MaxiDex® sets a new standard for virus prevention in high-contact environments.

ATG® MaxiDex® With AD-APT®: Unparalleled Protection

Experience the pinnacle of hand protection with MaxiDex®. Featuring AD-APT® technology, keeping hands dry and cool, which activates by your hand movement. MaxiDex® surpasses EN ISO 374-5 standards for virus protection, while ERGOtech® and LIQUItech® ensure superior comfort and liquid-proofing. ATG’s HandCare® Programme guarantees safety and cleanliness throughout.

ATG®’s Commitment to Sustainability: Leading the Way

ATG® takes pride in its over 25 years of sustainable production, accredited with ISO 14001 and ISO 14064. Through solar energy generation and water recycling, they’re committed to ongoing carbon reduction. As a true manufacturer, ATG® guarantees fully integrated sustainable hand protection solutions.

MaxiDex®: Redefining Sustainability in Hand Protection:

MaxiDex® isn’t just about protection; it’s about sustainability. Designed for laundering and reuse, it reduces waste and promotes cost-effectiveness. Certified by the Skin Health Alliance and Oeko-Tex®, ATG®’s gloves priorities user well-being while meeting the environmental regulations. MaxiDex® complies with the European REACH regulation, aligning with ATG®’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard

MaxiDex® represents a holistic and realistic approach to sustainability, reducing single-use product disposal and setting a new standard in hand protection innovation. With MaxiDex®, ATG® continues to lead the way in corporate ethics and environmental responsibility, delivering solutions that protect both people and the planet.