There is nothing better than discovering a new pair of worksites, inspired safety boots.

Greenham is thrilled to announce we are stocking the entire range of Rock Fall’s new safety footwear in a range of sizes. 

The Rock Fall team has been working closely with industry representatives in the development of a new urban safety footwear range which is genuinely believed, will become the go-to safety boots of choice for 2024.

Rock Fall UK’s Urban Street Style range has been shortlisted in Drapers Footwear Awards 2024 category – Men’s Footwear Brand of the Year.

New to the Rock Fall range we are also excited to offer two New Women’s styles designed ‘by women for women’ who work in heavy industries.

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And we now stock Rock Fall’s fantastic New 6E Extra-Wide Fitting and Extra-Deep, mid-leg safety boot with lots of specialist comfort for anyone who suffers swollen feet!      

Here’s a Preview of Eight of the Best New Safety Boots by Rock Fall for 2024. 

  1. The Hurricane / Code 894898

The Hurricane safety boot has been exclusively developed for women. Sculpted to perfection using female foot fittings. These BOA safety boots come fully loaded with the latest safety footwear technology. Are they a classic safety boot? No, they have a more iconic style about them.  Featuring fully waterproof new Stone-coloured Nubuck leather uppers, blended scuff caps, and shock-absorbing soles, these BOA safety boots are extremely stylish.  Moreover, we believe they are destined to revolutionise the health and wellbeing of women who work in construction and heavy industries. 

  • The Pacer / Code 895767

A premium waterproof safety boot with lots of street style. Tell me about street style. Designed to fit your lifestyle these safety boots will take you onsite to ‘out-of-office,’ every day. Features Brown full grain leather uppers, loaded with technology including protective toecap and composite midsole and shock absorbing outsole. For added extra comfort we’ve included Activ-Step® footbeds. 

  • The Dallas / Code 895769

A medium-duty contemporary-styled work safety boot. Features fully waterproof new Stone coloured Nubuck leather uppers. Wow, these boots look awesome! Are they Durable? Absolutely, they come fully loaded with high spec. safety technology including a protective midsole and toecap, and, for extra comfort for your feet, we’ve added Activ-Step® footbeds.

  • The Carson / Code 895766

A robust safety boot, surprisingly lightweight for its build. Are they Stylish? Yes totally! features full-grained Black leather uppers, fully waterproof, they come fully loaded with technology including a protective midsole and toecap and Activ-Step® footbeds for all-day comfort, these boots are designed for your feet!  

  • The Sable / Code 895768

A medium-duty, top-quality safety boot fully supporting 60% recycled technology including Activ-Step® footbeds and Activ-Tex® waterproof membrane. Features the desirable Honey coloured Nubuck leather uppers. Is this the colour everyone asking for? Yes, it is! These are on-trend ‘street style’ quality safety boots. Add a pair to your PPE, you’ll love the look!   

  • The Kyanite / Code 895770

A medium-duty, top-quality safety boot supporting 60% recycled technology including Activ-Step® footbeds. Features our new navy-coloured Nubuck leather uppers. We’re obsessed with this amazing colour! Are they waterproof? Yes, they are finished with our exclusive Activ-Tex® waterproof membrane. Designed to blend into your working day this great-looking safety boot is such a fantastic addition to your PPE, we know you’ll be wearing them ‘out-of-office’!

  • The Carbon / Code 895771

An all-terrain women’s safety boot. Features water repellent Black full grain leather uppers. Do they look like men’s work boots? No, absolutely not! Designed for ‘women by women,’ who work in heavy industries. These safety boots are more than a little stylish, extremely lightweight, and durable and have been tested on performance, quality, and suitability by members of ‘Bold as Brass Group and Allies.  

  • The Otus / Code 895772

This extra-wide, extra deep 6E fitting safety boot is an industry first! Wow, how do they perform? Designed for anyone who suffers from swollen feet these relatively lightweight safety boots come with a range of extras including smooth insoles, no open stitching, ensure your feet are happy and comfortable all day long, and you can’t beat that!     

Greenham have all eight new styles of safety boots by Rock Fall in stock!       

Placing orders with Greenham couldn’t be easier. Choose from:

  • Code: 894898 | Hurricane
  • Code: 895767 | Pacer
  • Code: 895769 | Dallas
  • Code: 895766 | Carson
  • Code: 895768 | Sable
  • Code: 895770 | Kyanite
  • Code: 895771 | Carbon
  • Code: 895772 | Otus

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Alternatively, contact your local Service Centre and have both the product name and the product code to hand when placing your order.

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