This year’s theme for International Women in Engineering Day is #MakeSafetySeen, celebrating those that help to build a brighter future for women in engineering.

A key supply partner, Leo Workwear have continued to expand and improve their women’s range to ensure women are safe in garments that provide protection and comfort in equal measure.

We are all aware that PPE for women has historically been inadequate for use, thanks to the many women who have persistently spoken out about products that don’t fit, are uncomfortable or have loose hazardous fabric. Hopefully by now, we are also aware that many brands have been working hard to counter these issues with their ranges specifically designed for the female worker.

A market leader within the high visibility space is a key Bunzl partner, Leo Workwear, who have consistently expanded and improved their women’s range since they released their first product, the Rosemoor Jacket, in 2014.

Since then Leo have gone on to create a range of 22 products that offer full-body coverage, (with many more on the way) across all seasons and weather conditions, designed specifically to fit a woman. Garments that have been tested rigorously, have evolved as a result, and will continue to improve as they receive feedback or when innovations become available.

Nick Bale of Leo Workwear comments “Leo Workwear’s women’s range is all about enabling companies to show their female workforce that they are valued and that they belong in that organisation, through the safety clothing they are provided. Moreover, a young woman looking to start their career in engineering can see that these industries are ready for them and, at Leo Workwear, we’re proud to have played our part in making these industries more accessible.”


The range was born out of a belief that safety is personal and that this can be achieved through providing choice. This choice extends to several maternity garments and a modesty tunic, coupled with the availability of most garments sized from a UK ladies’ 6 up to 26, meaning many more women can access appropriate PPE as a result of this range.

One area where Leo do not provide a choice is sustainability; as part of their “Only availalable in sustainable” initiative, all of their range is either already a part of the EcoViz® range, or currently transitioning to it. EcoViz® is the leading brand of high visibility clothing made from recycled or sustainably sourced fabrics.

If your workforce has a requirement for quality high visibility clothing that fits well, is stocked in multiple sizes and reduces your environmental impact, speak to your local service centre about Leo Workwear clothing or click the link below to shop the range.