The smallest decisions sometimes have the greatest impact. This has never been more appropriate than when discussing how sustainable the products that you purchase are. In the world of paper hygiene, the PRISTINE® range of products is synonymous with sustainability, and makes this decision very easy for consumers.

UK Made:
96% of our Pristine products are made in the UK, with the remaining 4% currently sourced in Europe, with plans to be UK made in early 2023. Making our products in the UK is hugely important to us, it significantly minimises product miles, which keeps the environmental impact of distribution to a minimum. Supporting local manufacturing is a key part of the Greenham focus.

When it comes to recycled paper, which accounts for 75% of our product range, all the raw materials are also sourced in the UK. Recycled paper is typically made from sorted office waste, and is sourced through a network of local depots. Giving this waste product new life in the form of toilet tissue or centrefeed rolls makes our range one of the most sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly
in the market.

In fact, as a sign of how sustainable our products are, all our PRISTINE® products, both recycled and pure pulp, carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) label. It may only be a small label, but it makes a big impact. When buying FSC labelled products you help forests and the people that rely on them by:

• Zero deforestation – trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time
• Fair wage and work environment – all workers are provided with proper training, adequate safety protocols and fair wages
• Biodiversity preservation – plant and animal species are protected
• Community rights – local communities living in and around forest areas are consulted, and their legal and cultural rights to land and forest resources are protected
• Using recycled material makes the most of forest resources and reduces the pressure to harvest more trees

FSC logo

Our Products:
The PRISTINE® range covers all your paper needs and some key products are listed below.
Toilet Tissue:

toilet roll
toilet roll
toilet roll

Whether you are looking for home comforts or long lasting, economical toilet tissue, we have the product for you:
889093 – Eco Luxury Soft 4 pack, 2 ply, 210 Sheets, 100% recycled toilet roll, 40 rolls per case. FSC® certified
539298 – Ultra Soft Luxury 4 pack, 3 ply, 160 Sheets, pure pulp, 40 rolls per case. FSC® certified
539292 – 2 ply Mini Jumbo toilet roll, 200m, 76mm core, 100% recycled paper, 12 rolls per case. FSC® certified
539294 – 2 ply Mini Jumbo toilet roll, 400m, 60mm core, 100% recycled paper, 6 rolls per case. FSC® certified
Centrefeed Roll:

blue centrefeed
blue centrefeed

The ideal product for light duty wiping tasks, and perfectly balances value with performance.
539299 – 2 ply blue centrefeed roll, 150m, 100% recycled, 6 rolls per case. FSC® certified
539296 – 1 ply blue centrefeed roll, 300m, 100% recycled, 6 rolls per case. FSC® certified
Hand Towels:

Blue Hand Towels
White Hand Towels

A variety of fold types and quality levels to suit any hand drying requirement.
539314 – 1 ply, blue z-fold hand towel, sheet size: 240mm x 230mm, 3,000 towels per case. FSC® certified
539302 – 2 ply, white c-fold hand towel, sheet size: 300mm x 217mm, 2355 towels per case. FSC® certified
539313 – 2 ply, white v-fold hand towel, sheet size: 210mm x 210mm, 4000 towels per case. FSC® certified
Hygiene Rolls:

White hygiene roll

For all hygienic coverings or light duty wiping tasks.
539283 – Pristine 2 ply, white hygiene roll, 25cm x 50m, 100% recycled paper, 18 rolls per case. FSC® certified

Sustainability goes further than just the product
Our story doesn’t just end with made in the UK and recycled paper. We have made great strides in minimising our environmental impact over the last 12 months, none more-so than with the packaging of our products.

Since the start of the year, all of the plastic packaging used for our products, primarily shrink and film, contains a minimum 30% post consumer recycled content (PCR). This recycled content has many environmental benefits including: reduced use of fossil fuels, reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as the reduction in water and energy consumption*.

Another significant change that we have implemented and continue to improve regards our Hand Towel products. As of November, we will have replaced all of our hand towel packaging from plastic to recycled paper wrap. This improvement will remove over 1.5tonnes of plastic per year from our supply chain, and replaced with a more sustainable alternative.

As a business we continue to focus on providing you with the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality or value for money.

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