How confident are you that you could navigate your way to your first aid kit if there was a loss of power?  

The loss of power and illumination during an emergency can cause panic and confusion, especially if someone nearby is injured and needs assistance. The new glow-in-the-dark first aid kits can help you to locate and identify your first aid equipment quickly and easily to protect your workforce in the event of a power failure. And what’s more, they are all BS8599-1 2019 compliant, perfect for your workplace.  

Glow-in-the-dark first aid kits are innovative, making it easier than ever to find what you need in an emergency.  The glow-in-the-dark first aid kits use the tried-and-tested aura first aid box. Aura boxes are smart, compact, and efficient. Designed to carry everything you need, either mount to a wall, or store in an easily accessible and well signposted cupboard.  The colour co-ordinated contents make identification of important consumables quick and easy.  

Just like other emergency equipment (such as fire extinguishers and signage), make sure your first aid kit is easy to find in the event of a power failure with the new glow-in-the-dark first aid kits.  

What size kit do I need? 

Firstly, consider your workplace; is it a low-risk or high-risk environment? The kit you need will depend on the environment you work in, for example, an office will generally use first aid kits less often than a warehouse or manufacturing plant. 

As well as this, how many people will be using this first aid kit? It is important your kit is well-stocked in case of injury. To help, we have created this handy table so that you can work out which size of glow-in-the-dark kit would best suit your workplace. 

The Mediana HeartOn A15 AED, for when every second counts.  

In a cardiac arrest emergency, every second counts. The Mediana A15 AED incorporates time-saving features optimised to deliver life-saving shocks as quickly as possible in an emergency. On average, 30,000 people per year suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Because on average it takes eight minutes for an ambulance in the UK to arrive, unfortunately the victim’s likelihood of survival is less than 10%. With the use of an AED within 3 minutes of a cardiac arrest event, the survival rate dramatically increases to 74%.  

The Mediana A15 is a semi-automatic unit, suitable for use for both adults and children. Adult or paediatric mode is instantly activated by an easy-to-find switch on the main interface. The unit comes with the pads attached and ready to use, and automatically switches on when the lid is opened, to save precious moments. The Mediana A15 is a unit you can rely on and comes with 5 years warranty as standard.   


Both the HSE and the Fire Safety Regulations make it clear that the responsibility to establish a suitable evacuation procedure and provide the appropriate equipment is an obligation resting upon every employer. In any post-incident investigation, it will no longer be a plausible excuse for the failure to plan and provide, to state that someone dialled 999 and waited for the fire or other emergency service to arrive. 

The Code Red™ evacuation chair has been designed to aid the transfer of a casualty or immobile person from a position of danger to a place of safety. The numerous features allow this to be performed comfortably, securely, and with ease. 

The Code Red™ evacuation chair is an excellent choice for multi-storey buildings. These structures are frequently left without operational lifts during an emergency evacuation, and if not, it is often unsafe or unwise to use or operate them during a fire. The evacuation chair features an advanced track design, enabling a single operator to evacuate an immobile person down a single or multiple flight of stairs smoothly and without difficulty.  More importantly, with the chair’s track taking the weight of the passenger, this procedure can be carried out in complete safety for both the evacuee and the chair operator. 

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