Sustainability has never been more necessary than today. As a society, we see the impact that humanity has on the earth and it is time for action. We all have a role to play in protecting the planet.

Our innovation has therefore been focusing on offering products that improves users’ experience while ensuring we stay aware of the urge to respect nature, every step of the way. This is the reason why we decided, as a company, to introduce our Go Green Plan, a statement of our commitment to become more conscious.

Conscious of our environment: By optimising our product design to reduce the amount of raw material required during production, but also by developing new packaging without any type of plastic. We are proud to provide, in conjunction with our key distributors and suppliers, a 100% recyclable packaging solution made from recycled cardboard and silk paper. We have also taken the decision to print our user instructions directly on our outer packaging with water-based ink which reduces our packaging weight. This ultimately impacts our carbon footprint during transportation, as well as the amount of waste generated by our packaging.

We are constantly working on bringing new products new products to market that use more sustainable production technologies or raw materials such as recycled nylon. Selling millions of units annually, we have a duty to make a difference, for you and for your future. This approach drove us to launch more sustainable products, both in non-corrective and prescription safety eyewear. With Solis Go Green, the first sustainable safety eyewear, certified EN166 and with nylon 100% made fof recycled fishing net, we wish to set a new way to think of safety eyewear, greener and always as protective. Within our prescription offer, we recently lauched Klassee, a bio-based frame made of castor oil, that is set to become one of the key products in our line, judging by positive reviews from early users.

Following developments of both our products and their packaging, we naturally improved the engineering of our accessories as well. As the Covid pandemic increased the demand for anti-fog and lens cleaning solutions, our first project has been to improve the sustainability of our B-Clean range. After analysing multiple available options, we managed to implement new water-based solutions, that reduced the overall use of chemicals without impacting the efficiency of our cleaning solutions.

Conscious of our customers’ trust that is placed in us. Safety is no small word, and we will always do our best to provide comfortable eyewear that gives users the utmost protection and visibility. We believe trust is required in our line of work. For our users to have peace of mind, they must indeed trust their equipment to be both comfortable in all situations and protective when it counts the most and they must also trust us to develop products and services of the utmost quality, for them and the rest of our stakeholders. When possible, we use the latest technologies available to build our moulds to reduce both energy consumption and the waste created during injection.

We all have a role to play in protecting the planet, whether it is by reducing the number of printed documents, by using energy-efficient production, methods, by using eco-friendly packaging and more. Some actions may require more time to finalise and some may have less impact on the environment then we would like them to, but in the end, it is by being more conscious at every level of our society that we will reach long term sustainability.

It is just the beginning.