Globus Group’s UK-made respiratory range includes disposable respirators offering exceptional quality. They have a selection of products with varying levels of protection against airborne particles such as dust, fumes, and viruses, protecting your workforce in various environments. The disposable respirators have achieved excellent fit test pass rates and have constantly out performed competitor products when undergoing fit testing. Their product selection now includes a range of Alpha Solway valved and un-valved FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 respirators.

Suitable for all industry sectors including: Construction, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Energy, Hazardous Waste, Aerospace, Transport & Logistics, Agriculture, Food Industry, Mining, Healthcare, and Welding.

Switching to UK-Made respirators can also help reduce your product’s carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Globus has already significantly reduced its reliance on imported products, with its three European manufacturing sites producing over a billion face masks for NHS professionals. They are committed to continuing to expand their local, sustainable supply chain, reducing the travel related carbon footprint of raw materials and boosting local European economies. Produced in energy-efficient, low-waste facilities, their products are proudly made in the UK by skilled UK workers. They prioritise the use of predominantly locally sourced materials, ensuring that economic and ecological progress go hand in hand.

What Makes UK-Made Special?

Sustainable Resilient Production – Substantial investment in local production, delivering a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Cutting Waste – Through local manufacturing, they have reduced the volume of waste material, recycling, and repurposing.

Guide to Protection Levels

Our respirators offer varying levels of protection against airborne particles such as dusts, mists, and fumes.

Protection Factors

A protection factor is based on analysis of the contaminate substance calculated by using EH40/2005 workplace exposure limits guidance. FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 respirators can reduce the number of airborne particles you breathe using protection factors of 4, 10, and 20 respectively.

FFP1 reduces the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles by a FACTOR OF 4, protecting against:

• Non-toxic dusts

• Water / oil-based particulates

FFP2 reduces the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles by a FACTOR OF 10, protecting against:

• Fine toxic dusts, mists, and fumes

• Water / oil-based particulates

FFP3 reduces the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles by a FACTOR OF 20, protecting against:

• Very fine toxic dusts, mists and fumes

• Water / oil-based particulates

• Metal fumes and nuisance level organic vapours (charcoal filter variant)

(EN 149:2001+A1:2009)

Respiratory Protection Programme

Alpha Solway, part of Globus Group’s renowned Respiratory Protection Programme (ARPP) is designed to help companies that seek the assurance that their workforce has adequate and suitable respiratory protection for their environment.

There are many factors that are considered as part of the ARPP. Working alongside Health and Safety professionals, they will ensure that a compliant solution is specified, one that includes protective masks suitable for the individual, task, and environment. The resulting solution will be tailored precisely for your organisation.

Firstly, one of their highly experienced respiratory protection specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis as part of a simple, but effective five step approach:

  1. Hazard Analysis
  2. Task Analysis
  3. Correct Product Selection
  4. Training and Engagement
  5. Face Fit Testing Support

 Fit testing & Training Support

Alpha Solway was one of the first to obtain the ‘Fit2Fit’ accreditation. ‘Fit2Fit’ is recognised within INDG479 Fit Testing Guidance Notes. The scheme confirms the competency of a particular individual to perform face piece fit testing, by ensuring they have passed an industry-recognised exam and demonstrated a thorough knowledge of how to fit test in one or more of the test methods.

Training in the correct use and care of respirators has been mandatory in the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations since 1989. The 2002 revision of the COSHH regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) now require that fit testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) be carried out. Alpha Solway ‘Fit2Fit’ accredited experts can also conduct ‘Train the Tester’ courses. These are designed to enable companies to carry out the Fit Testing of wearers with complete confidence. Contact us for more details.

Supporting Sustainability projects

KTP – Heriot Watt University

To design and develop a bespoke process for thermochemical recycling PPE waste, enabling selective production of high value chemicals. The aim of KTP is to develop an innovative process for the cost and energy efficient recycling and valorisation of PPE waste.

Globus Group’s initiative to recycle PPE waste into cleaning products

Globus Group has created an innovative sustainable solution for PPE waste by recycling excess material from mask production into cleaning materials for hospitals. The Group has a partnership with Spill Defence Manufacturing Ltd to turn scrap material from respirator manufacturing into absorbent, disposable mop heads or ‘socks’.

To find out more please contact your local Service Centre!