Making your business more sustainable is on the top of everyone’s agenda and the Pristine® paper hygiene products range helps you meet these goals, with little effort from yourselves because all you need to do is simply choose them!

The breadth of offer within the Pristine® range means that all your needs are covered. We offer, Centrefeeds, Hygiene Rolls, Hand Towels and Toilet Tissue, all to different specifications and each with its environmental credentials.

Taking steps to make packaging have less of an environmental impact

When it comes to managing our environmental impact, our Pristine range encourages this throughout. All packaging is recyclable, and the cores in our rolls, cardboard cases and our paper wraps are all made from FSC® certified, 100% recycled materials.

Our Conventional Toilet Tissue, Centrefeeds, Jumbo Toilet Rolls and Bulk Pack sleeves are all wrapped in 30% PCR (Post Consumer Resin) Plastic. The Bulk Pack is then packed in a cardboard carton. Our Hygiene Rolls are individually wrapped in 30% PCR plastic, and then packed in cardboard cartons (to ensure they are hygienically clean and prevent contamination). Packaging for hand towels is 100% plastic free, with paper wrapped sleeves and cardboard cartons.

We continue to strive to remove more and more plastic from our product range as well as our supply chain to help with our economical impact. 

Reducing our product miles and carbon footprint

The Pristine® product’s whole lifecycle is in the UK, reducing the products environmental impact further, by reducing its product miles and carbon footprint. There are many products in the market now which claim to be ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmentally friendly, however when the base sheet and/or the raw materials come from Asia, they actually emit over 1000% more CO2 per pallet* than products manufactured in the UK just on shipping alone! Many of the products in the range are made from 100% recycled material – generally sorted office waste, sourced from within the UK – the recycled material is then converted and distributed locally keeping the product miles to a minimum.

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The complete Pristine® range

Pristine Conventional Toilet Rolls are all FSC® certified, whether it be 100% recycled, or pure pulp. The FSC® certification marks that the product has been responsibly sourced.

Jumbo Toilet Roll are ideal for time efficient, low cost and high traffic washroom locations. Made with certified recycled tissue, that is FSC® Certified.

Hand Towel are available in all 3 fold types (Z-fold, V-fold and C-fold) to suit your needs and budgets. These products are well known to be the most hygienic way to dry your hands helping to prevent virus and germs spreading as said by the World Health Organisation, whatever you choose whether it be pure pulp or 100% recycled all are FSC® certified.

Hygiene Rolls are absorbent, versatile and strong. Each roll is pre-wrapped to keep clean prior to use. Made using quality 100% recycled fibres that is FSC® Certified.

Centrefeeds are absorbent and versatile. Made from recycled fibres, they are the perfect cost-effective product for tackling general light-duty wiping tasks and spillages. Rolls are designed with a removable core, and hygienic and are all FSC® certified.

An assortment of tissue

All Pristine products are made according to the CHSA Soft Tissue Standard.