Centurion strives to design and offer integrated solutions that ensure suitability for various tasks and potential hazards. Their integrated head protection systems combine total safety with total ease – so wearers are free to focus on the task at hand. Their innovative systems give users the confidence to think clearly and deliver their best. Their comprehensive range covers the needs of workers in a multitude of applications. General purpose helmets for the day-to-day grind, face protection for the up close and personal tasks, hearing protection for that potential deafening environment and specialised helmet systems for the more adept tasks. 

Did you know?

  • In the cold wet weather, the body losses 30x more heat 
  • 10% is lost through the head 
  • Wind Chill can cause 80% of body heat loss
  • Construction workers are at serious risk of cold stress during winter 
Man wearing a safety helmet and frost cape

Their seasonal accessories have been designed to provide increased comfort for workers in the harshest conditions. A specialized version is available to provide flame retardant, anti-static and arc Class 2 protection. 

  • Fleece Helmet Liner: Fits between cradle and helmet shell for full integration
  • Frost Cape: Waterproof outer with Fleece Inner and Bright Orange or Yellow colour with reflective strip. Zip top fastening to be fitted to Fleece Helmet Liner
  • Frost Cape with Ear Defender Compatibility: Waterproof outer with Fleece Inner and Bright Yellow or Orange colour with reflective strip. All as per existing Frost Cape, but with integrated Fleece Helmet Liner and facility to use helmet-mounted Ear Defender or for improved hearing due to mesh ear flaps
  • Face Warmer: To fit onto Frost Cape for total head and face warmth