For over 240 years, Bulldog Tools have prided themselves on being an important part of the garden and landscaping industry as well as promoting the benefits of amateur and professional gardening and horticulture to all, no matter what their age or experience.

The company have attended the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show for over a decade and, in 2011, won a coveted Gold Medal for their ‘Bulldog Forge Garden’ at the prestigous RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Bulldog Tools have also attended many gardening trade events throughout the year including the Spring Fair and Glee exhibitions, constantly working with customers to increase sales and regularly winning ‘Best Trade Stands’ awards. They have twice held the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Garden Spade, first in 2010 and again in 2012 with the final spade measuring 4.5m tall and featuring in the famous Guinness Book of World Records. The spade is now located outside the reception of their Wigan factory.

Bulldog Gardening and Landscaping Tools

The Wigan factory still manufactures many of the Bulldog gardening tools and is an important local employer. Every Bulldog digging tool leaving the factory is made to surpass British Standard BS3388 and many garden tools are fitted with handles made from the highest quality selected American or German ash. All Bulldog tool heads are forged from a single piece of their own blend of high quality manganese steel which is enriched to create a steel of great strength and resilience. Their forged heads are much stronger than welded spades and forks where the head and the socket are joined and the weld point represents a weak spot that does not withstand pressure or impact for long.

Bulldog Tools’ reputation is built on ‘tools that last’ and is backed up by their lifetime guarantee. Their garden tools have received numerous product endorsements and mentions from a wide group of trade and consumer publications and are used by many award-winning garden design and landscaping professionals who rely on the quality and strength of Bulldog Tools in their daily working lives. 

Bulldog Gardening Range

The gardening range offers spades, forks, edgers, rakes, hoes, secateurs, shears, loppers and saws which are recommended to be used as follows:

  • Spades are designed for digging in unprepared ground to improve drainage and to turn the soil to speed up the breakdown of organic matter and for planting new shrubs and plants.
  • Forks are perfect for loosening soil and preparing beds and borders. They can also be used to aerate soil, remove plants and turn compost.
  • Edgers cut cleanly and easily into turf, leaving smart, straight edges, particularly where a lawn meets a bed, border, path or driveway.
  • A garden rake removes stones, lumps and other debris from vegetable beds or flower borders.
  • The Springbok rake is used for scarifying lawns, removing thatch and moss so that new grass shoots can grow healthily.
  • Leaf rakes have a wide fan head and are made from plastic to reduce weight so that leaves can be ‘swept’ up quickly and easily.
  • A hoe is a handy garden tool for keeping down weeds around established plants. 
  • Secateurs are essential for pruning both live and dead stems with minimum damage to the healthy plant.
  • Hedge shears can be used for trimming or shaping shrubs and hedges and are occasionally used for grass.
  • Edging Shears keep grass around edges neat and tidy.
  • Loppers make cutting medium stems and branches easy. They can be used on live or dead wood and produce a clean cut with minimum force.
  • A garden saw is perfect for cutting thicker branches with sharp teeth that are hardened for longevity.

A comprehensive new range of Bulldog gardening and landscaping tools are now available in our Greenham service centres and on the Greenham website.