Introducing the next level of dispensing system designed to provide enhanced hygiene, offer flexibility and help you reduce consumption and environmental impact.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ launches WypAll® Reach PLUS™ single sheet centrefeed wiping dispenser system. Developed with the same professional aesthetics as the highly successful, paper saving WypAll® Reach™ Portable, the innovative new PLUS system is designed to provide flexible, single-sheet dispensing with controlled-use of Kimberly-Clark Professional™ General Clean wiping rolls.

Designed to keep your centrefeed roll clean, this ultra-flexible system has four dispensing modes. The unit can be wall mounted from the base freeing up space, traditionally upturned for a direct replacement, under counter mounted for specialised bench work or used on the go on cleaning trolleys or even in vehicles. The dispenser has been reimagined with practical use in mind, ensuring WypAll® Reach PLUS™ can be accessed from any, most convenient location.

Delivering Critical Cleaning Solutions

The WypAll® Reach PLUS™ dispenser is a clean and practical option for any facility. The hygienic no-touch dispensing system ensures wiper rolls are fully enclosed to minimise contamination whilst encouraging efficient use of the paper wipes. This centrefeed wiping system is easy to clean, featuring no dirt traps and is easy to reload and access. The unit features a hinged lid for roll protection and has an optional locking mechanism, for increased security and control of use, depending on your needs.

“The average exposed blue roll is handled up to 70 times by staff* before it’s finished with. Traditionally uncontrolled dispensing led to users winding around 2.5m on average, of blue roll around their arm each time they used it*. Having a controlled hygienic dispensing option was therefore critical to our customers for, both hygiene and cost reasons” says Haider Shaikh, Senior Category Manager.

From wiping up grime, oil or grease to soaking up food prep spills, having the right wipe on hand is crucial to your operation. WypAll® offers a wide range of task-specific wipes and cloths designed to meet your needs and enhance your confidence in every clean. WypAll® Reach PLUS™ features two nozzles to aid the easy dispensing of a range of WypAll® paper wipes, from Airflex to LDC, from 1 ply to 2 ply, meaning that you have access to more paper options for more tasks, in the same robust, high-capacity system which can be conveniently located around your facility. Moreover, the iconic WypAll® red and grey design is instantly recognisable throughout any facility, making dispensers easily identifiable, with the transparent grey lid offering easy-to-view content and showcase if rolls need replenishing, quickly and without fuss.

Flexible Dispensing Options

Featuring four versatile mounting options suitable for multiple locations and to suit your needs, the WypAll® Reach PLUS dispenser can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position, traditional pull-down centrefeed position, or located in more challenging areas such as above a sink, in shelving or butted against walls or cupboards. The flexible unit is designed to fit aesthetically “front of house” as well as engineered to sit compactly, behind the scenes.

Cost and Environmental Benefits

Centrefeed rolls account for over 60% of paper use in the UK wiping arena, and with the typical user taking 2m of blue roll for each use, controlled dispensing is highly critical for driving down the environmental impact of our cleaning solutions, not less the cost of unnecessary paper used for the job. Optimised single sheet dispensing offers up to 50% less paper consumption*, driving sustainability across your business and reducing CO2 emissions.

“The new WypAll® Reach PLUS™ dispenser saves customers money, through controlled single-sheet dispensing – this also means they are using less product therefore creating less waste and improving their environmental footprint” says Haider Shaikh, Senior Category Manager Wipers. WypAll® Reach PLUS™ Centrefeed Dispenser is a new addition to a family of wiping products all designed to meet hygiene and efficiency needs and to aesthetically complement a wide range of operational environments.

The WypAll® Range provides products in three sub-categories, General Clean, Power Clean and Critical Clean to help identify the right wiping product for the task. Our wipers selector tool can help you find the right wiper for your task, depending on what environment you work in. Simply select your working environment, the type of task you need to perform and the correct product solution will be easily presented to you.

To find out more, please contact your local Service Centre!