The topic of climate change and the journey towards Net Zero carbon is going to be at the forefront of business decisions for the foreseeable future. Responsible UK businesses are now focussed on sustainability in everything they do. Of course, procurement of consumables is no exception. But a sustainable workplace covers more than that. Providing a healthy, safe, equal, and inclusive working environment is key to building a truly sustainable workforce and business. That’s why we at Bunzl Greenham have chosen to work with TOTM to help customers support period dignity at work.  

Introducing a free period care provision in the workplace 

Many organisations across the UK are now taking the decision to provide free period care products to employees and visitors in the workplace. In TOTM’s 2020 survey, 88% of respondents stated that they had got caught short by their period at work. In this scenario, over 50% said it would make them consider leaving work early. It’s findings such as these that demonstrate the need to support menstruation in the workplace. It’s a key part of employee wellbeing and equality and contributes towards building a productive and comfortable working environment. 

Why choose organic cotton products? 

Providing free period care to your employees is a key step towards supporting menstruation at work. But how can you do this whilst not harming the planet? 

Conventional period care can generate tonnes of plastic waste considering pads can contain up to 90% plastic. Tampons also mainly come with a plastic applicator, which have been shown to take up to 500 years to break down! And that’s not all. The use of conventional cotton and rayon in these single-use items, can have a detrimental impact on water resources and carbon emissions. 

Organic cotton tampons and pads are a better solution for people and the planet. They are designed to reduce waste and responsibly sourced organic cotton uses  71% less water to produce than conventional cotton as it’s 80% rain-fed. Organic cotton is also grown without toxic chemical pesticides, using more sustainable farming practice and producing up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than non-organic. It’s also produced without GMO. 

The rise of organic cotton period care products demonstrates how these products can perform without the use of synthetic materials, dyes, artificial absorbents, and perfumes. Anecdotally, most people who use organic period care also report experiencing a more comfortable period. This may be a result of using a natural, breathable fabric as opposed to irritants such as plastic or fragrance. 

Making a good choice for your employees and your business  

A free provision of organic cotton period care in the workplace benefits employees whilst aligning with your business’ sustainability goals. At Greenham, we have chosen to work with TOTM, who are passionate about sustainability and choose to not only provide a planet-friendly range but take every step to further reduce the impact. TOTM’s brand and period care range is all carbon neutral through their work with Climate Partner to offset emissions by planting trees in the UK. Products are only wrapped in compostable materials, use biodegradable cardboard applicators and TOTM’s workplace boxes are made with FSC certified cardboard.  

We’re here to work with employers to help make your workplace an even better and healthier place to be. 

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