Traffi’s hand protection isn’t just there to protect your hands from workplace hazards – especially not this particular range. The winter gloves collection is specifically designed for use in the colder months that are gradually making their presence known. Traffi, the hand protection specialists are mind readers and know exactly what you need this coming season; gloves that aren’t restrictive, have excellent grip and keep your hands toasty warm! Their winter range consists of an assortment of waterproof, thermal and chemical gloves – all of which are designed for use in either cold or rainy conditions, or both.

Things to consider when choosing your winter hand safety. To put it quite simply, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Are they breathable?

Although it’s hard to believe, the ability to sweat in a cold environment is completely possible and sweating whilst wearing gloves that are unbreathable is not a pleasant feeling, let us assure you. In fact, unbreathable gloves trap sweat inside them, which makes the gloves damp and increases heat loss. Generally, this isn’t the kind of situation that you want to be in mid-winter when the weather is bitter enough without wet gloves on your hands, so make sure the safety gloves you choose are as breathable as breathable can be!

  • Are they water resistant?

Well, it’s quite pointless buying a pair of non-water-resistant gloves in the middle of winter, and it’s easy to assume that a glove is water resistant because sometimes they may look it, but after some use, you’ll find that they’re not. Keeping your hands dry in the winter is a priority (on top of protecting them from potential hazards) and we strongly advise you to check that your gloves are water resistant before you purchase them.

  • Are they thermal?

Body warmth in winter is precious, and your hands and feet are powerful thermoregulatory regulators in the body. Therefore, if your hands and feet are warm, the rest of your body is more likely to be warm. This is why it’s extra important for you to ensure that the winter safety gloves that you purchase are thermal, and if they’re not, definitely considering investing in a separate thermal liner.

  • Are they dexterous?

There’s nearly nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your clothing. Making sure your gloves are comfortable and dexterous is an absolute must, because removing your gloves is not an option if you’re looking to abide by the health and safety rules and regulations, and prevent hand injuries! In the winter there are more risks posed to our hands, due to the sometimes-harsh weather conditions. For example, the continual exposure of our bare hands to the cold can cause problems like hypothermia and frostbite. Make sure your gloves are comfortable and dexterous.

Consequences of not having the right winter hand safety

To start with, workers start removing their gloves if they’re not equipped with the correct winter hand safety. What does this lead to in winter? Cold and unprotected hands. Cold hands can lead to problems such as frostbite, chilblains and hypothermia, all of which are definitely not something that you want to cross paths with. All three can cause severe discomfort, and sometimes even require medical attention, which involves workers having to take sick leave. On top of the fact that this can be costly to a business, it also means that when the workers return, they may not be up to performing tasks the same way as they were before, therefore reducing productivity. It’s much simpler to just invest in correct winter hand protection in the first place!

Glove recommendations

There are so many winter gloves out there and we know it can be difficult to decide which one is the perfect glove for you! This is why we’ve included the Traffi’s top 3 winter gloves here, and a little bit about each one, just to help you on your way.


This double dipped natural latex glove is cut level A and includes an added palm dip for enhanced grip. It’s generous knit writ provides you with a secure fit (as well simply an extra layer to fight off the cold) and protects its wearers hand from dirt and debris. Despite the fact that it’s a fully coated thermal waterproof glove, it has excellent dexterity, with an 18-gauge liner for optimum movement, so there will be no excuse to remove these.


Highly abrasion resistant, this fully coated, thermal waterproof glove has an added palm dip for enhanced grip, as well as hot contact resistance up to 250oC. Its  brushed acrylic interior provides the wearer with a property that will ultimately aid them in retaining their body heat even in freezing conditions.


A cut level D, this X-Dura latex coated glove is just a single layer thermal glove that delivers great dexterity and wearer comfort. We mustn’t forget to mention the fact that it has a brushed acrylic liner to keep its wearer’s hands warm whatever the weather!

Find out more about the Traffi range of winter gloves please contact your local Service Centre