We’ve partnered with Traffi (the hand protection specialists) to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and objectives. Traffi are on a mission to reduce peoples hand injuries, cost, waste and carbon emissions, and they’re passionate about providing more sustainable alternatives to the hand protection market. 

By choosing the LXT range from Traffi, you are selecting a high-quality product that is certified carbon neutral covering raw material, knitting and manufacturing processes and shipping both to the UK and on to the customer delivery point. This means that the LXT product range has zero negative impact on the environment to the point of delivery. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint, and when you come to measure your own business’ carbon footprint, we’ve already taken care of hand protection for you!

To achieve net-zero, Traffi worked with the Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group to calculate the total greenhouse gases emitted from the production of its LXT glove range. Since 2015, Traffi have been gaining the official certification, planting trees, building the carbon credit bank, restoring forests and working relentlessly to make net-zero possible. 

Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne, CEO of The Carbon Consultancy Company, says: “Measuring the “cradle to gate” emission of the LXT gloves and the organisational emission of Traffi itself was a challenging exercise. The project took many months and required engagements at all levels of the supply chain. CCC is proud to work with clients such as Traffi that have demonstrated their commitment to the environment in a tangible way. Measuring and compensating for their greenhouse gas emissions is an intrinsic part of their business model. Our planet needs more of such responsible business owners.”

The LXT range benefits don’t stop there! This range is fully certified to the EN388:2016 standard after 3 washes extending the wear life and therefore reducing cost. All plastic packaging has been removed and replaced with a 100% recyclable card wrap decreasing your waste to landfill. In addition, the LXT yarn is triple-wrapped, and the thread is spun a total of 9,000 times to increase longevity. The gloves are then coated in a life-extending treatment which makes them resistant to oil & water, and as a result, the LXT range can provide you significant waste and cost savings.

As active members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and being ISO 14001 accredited (an international standard for design and implementation of effective environmental management systems), Bunzl Greenham’s partnership with Traffi shows the long-standing commitment to being an environmentally conscious business.

Anna McArdle, Sustainability Manager of Bunzl Greenham says:

“TraffiGlove are a fantastic example of a supplier that is thinking of the whole life of a product from manufacture, to end-of-life. With their ‘insetting’ plantation projects in Sri Lanka contributing to their carbon neutral status, the LXT range offers a sustainable choice for any customer needing lasting hand protection with an end-of-life take-back solution”.

Adrian James, Director of Traffi says:

“At Traffi, it is our duty to continuously innovate and help our customer make a difference. We’re here to share our insights and enable customers to make better informed decisions, both by selecting the best products for keeping hands safe, and acting responsibly to reduce negative impact on the environment.”

View the TraffiGlove LXT Range of gloves here.