Sustainability is a key consideration for every business purchase. Buyers should be mindful to select products that suit their objectives for their washroom & cleaning needs. Selecting a product that is designed with circularity in mind and reduces the environmental impact of a washroom doesn’t have to come with a price premium.

We know that circularity is a key part of the decision-making process. That’s why we offer a great selection of recycled and virgin products as part of the PRISTINE® range, whether you are looking for hand towels, toilet tissue, or wipers. Paper products can be renewable when sustainably sourced and manufactured. All of our PRISTINE® products come with the FSC® certification, giving users confidence that the paper materials have been manufactured using sustainable sources. The recycled paper promotes circularity and recycling infrastructure, retaining material in the supply chain for longer, rather than losing it to landfill or energy. It is also manufactured right here in the UK which ensures that product miles are kept to a minimum.

With many businesses adopting strategies to minimize packaging waste and material consumption, Greenham offers solutions across all paper categories to help you meet your targets.

If a reduction in packaging waste is a high priority, we have implemented several product changes to minimize the plastic in our products. We now also offer plastic-free products. We recently replaced plastic wrapping on 6 of our PRISTINE® paper towel products with more sustainable paper wrapping. In early 2024, these products will also see the adoption of paper kraft tape to fully remove plastic from the packaging of these products.

As a leading supplier of paper hygiene products, we take our reduction planning very seriously. According to our 2021 baseline, the combined effect of these measures will remove over 3 tonnes of plastic products every year.

For toilet tissue, the new Whisper Eco gives you the option to replace plastic-wrapped toilet rolls with a boxed and paper-wrapped product. Did you know that washrooms using 2,000 rolls of a standard 200-sheet conventional toilet roll can reduce single-use plastic waste by 7.5kgs per year by swapping to Wisper Eco?

Even small tweaks to a product can have a major impact on the amount of packaging saved. Reducing the width of the 150m blue centre feed product from 175mm to 165mm has managed to reduce plastic packaging and coreboard by 4%.

We are mindful that plastic still plays an important role in the makeup of our products and packaging, so we have taken extra steps to ensure that all our plastics contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic content.

Greenham also offers washroom solutions that drive reduced consumption and ultimately offer the potential for cost savings across the washroom. Ranges such as Raphael, which features innovative toilet tissue and hand towel paper products and dispensers, are designed to change washroom habits by limiting hand towel use and minimizing waste. The VersaTwin™ tissue dispenser adds tension to dispensing which limits the paper-per-pull, while its twin-roll single-access design ensures a seamless transition once the first roll is exhausted, meaning no stub roll waste whilst reducing washroom mess. This can minimize usage in even the most efficient of washroom facilities. Innovative products like this can reduce waste, consumption, and labor, giving washroom managers the ability to improve efficiency and cost-saving opportunities. Dispensers are offered free on loan, which allows you to modernize your washroom facilities at no additional cost.

This range also supports the environmental charity Trees for Cities, with a pledge for
a tree to be planted with every Raphael contract, with over 1,000 trees planted in