At Greenham we put sustainability first and believe it is important to strive towards a sustainable alternative that is just as effective and compliant in practice and supports a more sustainable way of working. In March this year, our award-winning exclusive brand Cleanline Eco, launched their highly versatile multi-surface wipe that uses a unique blend of natural organic ingredients to clean and disinfect surfaces. As well as being kind to the environment the wipes are also kind to your skin, they are dermatologically tested and rated as “excellent therefore they will not be harmful when being used to clean down surfaces etc.

The wipe is made from responsibly sourced 100% viscose material and contains a unique blend of natural organic ingredients, including lactic acid, tartaric acid, peppermint oil and lavender oil. These natural ingredients have been proven to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses, therefore by using these organic substances it reduces the need to use potent chemicals. As part of the Cleanline Eco range of sustainable cleaning products, the primary objective of the product is to promote responsible consumption and production, aim to protect life on land, and water, and be effective for professional use. By using viscose instead of a plastic material, it stops artificial materials entering landfill, the oceans, and our sewage systems.

The Ultra-One Wipe provides a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning wipes, the wipe’s reusable tub can be refilled from a refill pouch to reduce plastic packaging waste by up to 85% on each occasion. Made from responsibly sourced and certified viscose material, which is derived from tree pulp, the Ultra-One wipe solution has no hazard classification, and the label contains no hazard warnings. The disinfectant formula contains a unique blend of natural organic ingredients and is non-corrosive on surfaces making it gentle yet still an effective disinfectant.

In addition to its sustainability credentials, the highly versatile Ultra-One Wipe boasts superb efficacy in a wide range of applications and areas in professional hospitality, workplace, healthcare, and building care environments. Designed to swiftly clean and disinfect hard surfaces, tackling heavy grease and grime with ease, the Ultra-One Wipe is proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria and enveloped viruses in just 60 seconds (2 minutes for non-enveloped viruses). The Ultra-One wipe is also independently tested and certified to a range of test standards including EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 1650, and EN 14476.

There are 3 key elements that make the Ultra-One wipes different from the rest:

  1. Responsibly sourced and certified substrate material 
  2. Powerful biocidal cleaning and disinfectant solution
  3. Smart sustainable packaging options

EN14476 states that demonstrating efficacy against the vaccinia virus is sufficient to demonstrate efficacy against all enveloped viruses (of which monkeypox virus is one). We can confirm that the Cleanline Eco Ultra-One Wipe is tested to EN14476 amongst many other EN standards for killing both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

Wipes being used to clean a desk with a laptop on

Wipe substrate material

The wipe contains no plastic and is made from responsibly sourced and FSC(r) certified 100% viscose material. Viscose is derived from plant-based ingredients (Tree Pulp) which is a regenerative material and helps to eliminate the use of single use plastics polluting our waste streams. The wipe uses a thick 40gsm substrate material which offers improved in-use cleaning performance helping remove heavy grease and grime making it just as strong as it’s counterparts.

Cleaning and disinfection solution

The highly versatile wipe formula uses a unique blend of natural organic ingredients and is proven effective against bacteria and viruses. The wipes disinfect non-porous hard surfaces effectively leaving them clean, safe, and ready to use. The powerful cleaning action will remove heavy grease and grime and the solution is non-corrosive and is not classified, so no hazard warnings are required on the product label. 

Smart sustainable packaging options 

The tub canister can be reused and refilled from the refill pouch. The flexible pouch contains 85% less plastic and is compact so requires less storage and transportation space which reduces the overall environmental impact often associated with delivering bulky tub canister products. By introducing a refill pack, we hope to reduce our plastic consumption even further in a push to reduce single use plastics.

Contact your local Service Centre today to find out more about our Cleanline Eco Ultra-One wipes or to discuss sustainable alternatives.