First impressions are usually made within 30 seconds of walking in the door. The appearance of your floor is a really important factor in setting the tone of the quality and care of your building and can make a big impact on staff and visitors.  Using our easy three step process with our Cleanline products you can refresh your floors to get them looking good as new. Cleanline is our comprehensive range of highly specialised workplace and industrial cleaning solutions, expertly formulated to provide a deep clean and professional finish every time.  

What are the products?

We have created a three-step floor maintenance routine with only three products which really pack a punch when it comes to getting your floors looking their best:

Cleanline Easy Strip Polish Remover 5L

Cleanline Easy Strip Polish Remover is a high-performance emulsion polish stripper which removes any residue or film left behind after previous treatments. It can remove polish from vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, quarry tile and most common hard floor surfaces without the aid of a scrubbing machine. This is ideal for areas where machines are not accessible such as stairs and small uneven multi-level floor surfaces as it can be applied with a mop. It’s fast acting and penetrates through multiple coats of floor finish.

Cleanline Uniseal Plus Floor Polish 25% 5L

Cleanline Uniseal Plus Floor Polish is an extra high 25% solids, dry-bright metallised emulsion polish. It can be used on hard sealed wooden floors and areas with high volumes of pedestrian traffic. It is particularly effective for use on high wear areas to produce a long-lasting durable shine with an excellent response to spray buffing. It resists scuff marks to make the floor easier to clean and maintain. The extra high solids level properties of the polymer will be obtained in the least number of coats and will extend the period between stripping and re-polishing.

Cleanline Eco Floor Maintainer 5 Litre

This solvent-free floor maintainer is the most important element in your routine floor care designed to give and maintain a high gloss finish. It extends the life of a polished floor and keeps it in peak condition. It is effective at removing scuff marks and repairs and re-coats surfaces leaving a protective slip-resistant finish. With a pH neutral formula, this versatile product is safe for use on all hard floor surfaces including marble, stone, and wood. It’s low foaming so ideal for use in scrubber driers machines, as well as with a mop for fast solution pick-up and is suitable for floors previously treated with emulsion floor polish.

How to use the products

Step One – Cleanline Easy Strip Polish Remover 5L

Add 500ml of product per 5 litres of water (1:10), remove any obstructions from the area and display the appropriate signage before cleaning. Make sure hard floors are swept and free from loose debris. Then apply the solution evenly with a mop or machine and allow ten minutes of contact time. Agitate the surface and allow a further ten minutes but do not allow the solution to dry as this will make polish harder to remove. After the ten minutes, agitate the surface again to help break up softened polish. Remove the waste slurry from the surface and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before re-applying the polish.

Top Tip: divide the floor into areas where the whole process may be completed before the solution dries

*not suitable for use on linoleum.

Step Two – Cleanline Uniseal Plus Floor Polish 25% 5L

Once the old floor polish has been successfully removed it is time to reapply the new polish to make your floors shine. Again, make sure to remove any obstructions and display the appropriate signs. The product can be used straight from the bottle, 5L will cover 200-220 square meters on sealed floors and 120-150 square meters on unsealed floors. Make sure the floors are swept and free from loose debris. Clean the surface before application, ensuring any oil, grease and old polish has been removed. Remove the soiled solution then rinse the surface with clean water and allow the surface to dry. Apply a thin layer of solution with a mop and allow 30-45 minutes contact time. Ensure surface is dry then apply a second thin layer of solution with a mop in the cross-axis direction to help bond polymers and allow to air dry. Buff the surface to achieve a high shine.

Step Three – Cleanline Eco Floor Maintainer 5 Litre

Keep your floors looking new with floor maintainer. Again, make sure obstructions are removed, signs are put out and loose debris is swept up and removed. Apply the solution with a mop and walking back wards mop in an “S” shape pattern. Depending on how soiled your floor is will depend on the level of dilution. For general use/soiling dilute 2 doses (50ml) per 1 litre of warm water. For heavy duty soiling add 4 doses (100ml) per 1 litre of warm water. For spray cleaning/burnishing use a trigger spray bottle and add 2 doses (50ml) to 600ml of water. Allow contact time but do not allow the solution to dry. Remove soiled solution and rinse the surface with clean water. Allow to air dry. Burnish to a shine with a nylon polishing pad.

(For spray burnishing clean the surface with mild detergent prior to application of floor maintainer. Tigger bottle spray solution directly to the floor surface slightly ahead of the rotary floor machine. Immediately burnish lightly until dry)

Top Tip: Always work from the back to the front of the room when cleaning floors.

*Do not use on the unsealed wood or cork floors. Do not over apply solution to surface. Do not attempt to spray buff dirty floors.