Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration in many industries, and the safety footwear industry is no exception. But how do we implement sustainable practices when we know that all workers need high-quality safety boots that provide excellent protection and performance while minimizing the impact on the environment? Well, Rock Fall, who are a UK-based safety footwear manufacturer are continuing to lead the way. The have recently introduced more sustainable designs to their range of innovative and eco-friendly safety boots, that don’t scrimp when it comes to compliance and certification and provide a full stack of features that you’d expect from a premium pair of boots.

The Rock Fall Herd and The Rock Fall Sapphire.

The Rock Fall Sapphire boot is a prime example of Rock Fall’s commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. This boot is designed specifically for women’s feet, using women’s fitting upper patterns, a last that is biomechanically correct to a women’s foot structure, and outsoles that are specific to the width and size of the shoe. The Sapphire features a 100% non-metallic construction, including a slender, ultra-strong fibreglass toecap and composite midsole that allows the foot to flex and move freely, which when combined with how incredibly lightweight it is, makes for an incredibly comfortable boot when worn for extended periods of time, being almost as comfortable when you take it off as when you put it on.

One of the standout features of the Sapphire boot is its use of recycled plastic bottle materials for its upper, webbing, and lace components. These materials are highly durable, ensuring that the boot can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear, abrasions and bumps of the workplace while still being environmentally friendly. The Sapphire boot’s Activ-Tex® Waterproof membrane is breathable and tested for 8 hours, much longer than needed for the industry standard waterproof test and contains 60% recycled content. This innovative material not only keeps the foot dry but also helps to reduce waste going to landfills, again minimizing the boot’s environmental impact.

The Sapphire boot’s outsole complex is made from nitrile rubber, which provides excellent abrasion resistance and shock absorption. This material is also lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the boot and making it easier to wear. The Activ-Step® recycled foot bed provides all-day comfort and best-in-class breathability, shape retention, and arch cushioning. This foot bed is made from post-consumer plastic bottles and foam, all adding to its eco credentials.

Woman wearing safety boots

The Rock Fall Herd boot is a staple of the Rock Fall range and another example of Rock Fall’s commitment to sustainability. The Herd is designed for men’s feet, again with a non-metallic construction fibreglass toecap, and composite midsole. Like the Sapphire boot, the Herd features recycled plastic bottle material for its upper, webbing, and lace components, as well as an Activ-Tex® Waterproof membrane for added protection when on site.

The Herd boot’s outsole complex is a dual-density PU nitrile rubber outsole, which similarly to the Sapphire provides excellent abrasion resistance and shock absorption while reducing weight. The Activ-Step® PU anti-fatigue comfort footbed provides all-day comfort and helps to reduce fatigue, improving overall workplace safety and productivity.

Man wearing Hi Vis and safety boots

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Rock Fall are committed to sustainability and minimizing their environmental impact, and we’re proud to offer our continued support to this here at Greenham. In addition to their use of recycled materials in their boots, they have also implemented a variety of other sustainability initiatives, reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions by using renewable energy sources and becoming a member of SEDEX, a not-for-profit organization that promotes ethical and sustainable business practices.

Choosing Rock Fall safety boots not only provides excellent protection and performance when it comes to your safety footwear selection but also supports a commitment to sustainable and responsible design. Rock Fall’s innovative use of recycled materials and commitment to minimizing their environmental impact is an important step forward for the footwear safety industry. Workers can feel good about wearing Rock Fall boots, knowing that they are not only protecting their feet but also helping to protect the planet.

If you would like to view more of Rock Fall’s range, you can visit their brand page HERE