The impact of climate change could be irreversible by 2030, and 20 of the warmest years on record have been within the last 22 years. Change is much needed, and with the UK Government placing a heavy focus on sustainability, businesses need to switch up the gears.

Every business is different, and spills from oil, chemicals or water can be problematic for employee wellbeing and corporate compliance. The risks for companies are high. Of equal risk to a business are accidents, legal action and dangerous substances entering the environment, all of which can come at a high cost.

Companies that are caught breaking environmental laws through acts such as polluting rivers, violating the conditions of their permits or any other activity that could harm the environment are subject to heavy fines and required to show they have taken steps to avoid the offences happening again in the future.

In 2022 a £1.5m fine was issued to Dairy Crest Limited, which trades as Saputo Dairy UK, for charges relating to pollution and odour incidents.

These offences included:

– Releasing a harmful biocide into the river and killing thousands of fish over a 2km stretch on 16 August 2016

– Coating the River Inny with a noxious, black sludge for 5km in 2018

– Consistently exceeding limits on substances like phosphorous and suspended solids entering the River Inny, from 2016 up to 2021

– Numerous leaks of part-treated effluent into nearby watercourses and onto the land

– Foul odours repeatedly affecting residents over the years

– Failing to tell the Environment Agency within 24 hours of when things had gone significantly wrong on-site, on seven separate occasions

Not only does pollution from factories, power plants and other industrial buildings damage the health of the planet that we live on, but it also has the potential to damage health and wildlife.

Where sustainability and spill control meet

Ecospill source materials from other manufacturers and recycle them to create environmentally friendly spill response solutions. Furthermore, all of Ecospill’s suppliers are passionate about the environment and are approved by FSC standards. Let’s explore some of the materials Ecospill might use and what for:

• Woodfibre – Ecospill are recycling sawdust from sawmills to create a loose absorbent for oil and water-based spills. Sawdust is their primary source of material for creating sustainable products, and they recycle a whopping 75,000 tons every month.

• Cellulose – Cellulose is taken from wipe manufacturers and used to re-create general maintenance absorbents. Ecospill currently repurpose around 12,000 kilograms every month in their closed-recycling process.

• Polypropylene – Ecospill take plastic-based materials with phobic properties from a wipe and nappy manufacturer to create absorbents for chemical spills. They transform around 9,000 kilograms of polypropylene per month.

Closed-loop recycling goes beyond reusing resources and protecting the environment. It also enables high-quality material to remain in circulation and ensures demand for the supply of this material, contributing positively to the economy. This approach is more favourable than ‘downcycling’, a process whereby materials are recycled to create new products, but at a much lower quality meaning the item cannot be recycled again.

Can you afford not to?

The argument for being sustainable as a business facing the risk of a spill is still strong. Ecospill’s closed-loop recycled solutions can enhance existing sustainability practices and come with several benefits. Taking sustainability seriously can strengthen your business reputation and support you with making new business connections, attracting the best talent, and satisfying investors and stakeholders. Your employees (and marketing department!) will have something to be proud of, knowing the business is committed to positively impacting the environment. Ecospill’s sustainable products are also efficient and of the highest quality; this can reduce risk, and product usage rates and ensure you receive the best results.

Sustainable spill containment solutions for business

Environmentally friendly spill response should not be seen as a quick fix for any business. Ecospill’s sustainable spill control solutions are designed to be highly effective and top quality while remaining affordable. Customers find it straightforward to replace their existing systems with an environmentally friendly spill management system.