This month we are discussing your foot health and the Otus | 895772 6E extra-wide, extra-deep safety boots.

Feet and ankles are incredibly complex – they are the foundation to your entire body. Your feet must be flexible when walking, hold you stable when you are standing, they balance, adjust, and support your posture, and let’s not forget that they are an important part of your daily well-being.

The structure of the foot and ankle is made-up of 26 bones, including long bones in the middle and smaller toe bones, 33 joints and well over 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. That said, the foot acts as a single functioning unit, made-up of three parts:

  1. Hindfoot, forms the ankle and heel
  2. Midfoot, connects the hindfoot and the metatarsal bones to the forefoot
  3. Forefoot, is made up of the toes.

Always wear safety boots that are built to protect your feet.

Rock Fall Otus 6E

Everyday foot problems can be avoided if you wear correctly fitted safety footwear.

Each section of the foot can become vulnerable to work injuries if you are not wearing correct fitting safety footwear, to protect against excessive damage, including, but not limited to, sprains, strains, blisters, bone fractures, tendinitis, or ruptured tendons. Some of these injuries often occur when the foot is planted on unstable surfaces and the body twists adjusting balance. In these instances, if your footwear is not fitted correctly, i.e too big, too tight, not enough ankle protection, the damage can be severe.

Foot pain can also be caused by medical conditions, including, arthritis and, or gout where the foot becomes red, swollen and severely sore.

You should not ignore your foot complaints!

Other conditions specific to the foot that can cause chronic foot pain, debilitating movement or instability to your balance and wellbeing could be highlighted by the following foot problems, in-growing toenails, bunions, corns, and calluses, blisters, metatarsalgia, hammer toe, heel spurs or morton’s neuroma.

Look after your feet!

Keep your feet clean and dry, check regularly for blisters, cracked skin or signs of infection.

Make sure that your sock’s are not compressing or pinching your feet or legs.

For added extra comfort it is a clever idea to wear bamboo socks by Activ-Step® with your safety footwear. These eco-friendly, breathable, naturally antibacterial bamboo socks are extremely durable, they are also designed to keep your fet dry all day long, and they work!

Make it a priority to change your work boots and have your feet checked regularly.

  • Always choose the correct footwear for the job
  • Keep your feet securely fastened!
  • A BOA® FIT SYSTEM keeps things simple and tight, distributing even pressure across the foot, eliminating heel lift.
  • Lace-ups, you can decide if you want your boot to be tighter or relaxed and fine-tune as you wish
  • Minimise the risk of injuries, sprains and fatures around the foot and ankle – look for high-leg or mid-leg boots that will protect the ankle area
  • Avoid painful, sore aching feet – look for Activ-Step® Comfort Footbeds and Shock Absorbing EVA and rubber outsoles.
  • Always wear safety boots that fit correctly!
  • Remember to wear Bamboo socks for added comfort!

If you would like to get your feet scanned by a professional who uses pressure mapping software to measure your arch type and pressure points. Greenham has several wellness days throughout the year, check your nearest service centre for dates and availability.

Choosing the right safety footwear without sacrificing comfort or your health.

We know all too well, that if you have problems with foot pain when you are at work it could be linked to your safety footwear. If you find you are suffering from any of the foot issues listed above we think you should probably look at the new Otus | 895772 safety boot by Rock Fall.

Rock Fall Safety Boots

The Otus 6E extra-deep, extra-wide fitting safety boot is, we believe, an industry first! And possibly the only extra-wide, extra-deep safety work boot that will get you back to work comfortably.

Otus 6E by Rock Fall

The Otus 6E has been developed and shaped with specific lasts to create a safety boot designed for a deep, wide and comfortable fit for people with foot health issues. It features a non-metallic toecap and flexi-midsole, an Activ-TEX® waterproof membrane, and a BOA® FIT SYSTEM. The upper is made from full-grain black leather with 60% recycled polyester lining, the midsole is made from a shock-absorbing EVA, with a rubber outsole and TPU scuff caps.

The best news is that Greenham now stock the Otus | 895772 6E extra-deep extra-wide safety boots in a full range of UK sizes from 7-14.

Greenham also stocks Rock Fall Activ-Step® Bamboo socks (2 pair packs) code 100115.

Placing your orders with Greenham could not be simpler, you can place your order directly at, using code 895772 for the new Otus 6E Extra-Deep Extra-Wide fit safety boot.

Rock Fall Activ-Step socks

Use code 100115 for Rock Fall Activ-Step® Bamboo socks (2 pair packs) each.

Alternatively, contact your local Service Centre and have both the product name and the product code to hand when placing your order.

Greenham stocks a full range of Rock Fall Safety Footwear. Check out the full range before you buy at Greenham.