There is no doubt that both sustainability and innovation remain firm items on the agenda when looking for new products. Many companies are actively seeking to swap out the products they use in their services with ones that are less harmful to the environment. But, they need to be just as good, or ideally better than the product they’re leaving behind.

For cleaning products, the prevailing opinion has long been that sustainable alternatives don’t clean as well. But that is all changing. Products like Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves are leading that charge and taking a new approach by focusing on ‘efficacy first’ and ‘sustainablity through innovation’.

Laundry detergent sheets are a revolutionary new format. The liquid-free sheets can be used for machine and handwashing, dissolving at low temperatures, and are also suitable to clean speciality fabrics such as microfibre and high-vis. It is a high-performance laundry detergent, that is gentle on fibres and skin, and like a capsule, it is pre-dosed and goes straight into the drum of the machine.

The efficacy, ease-of-use and versatility of laundry detergent sheets are in themselves compelling reasons for many companies to consider adopting the product. But, Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves also come with very impressive eco-credentials. Whilst many sustainable cleaning products have traditionally focused on swapping ingredients for plant-based alternatives, Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves focuses on sustainability through innovation.

Adhering to a short ingredient list, every chemical in the laundry detergent sheets serves a specific purpose, to ensure a great clean and to reduce environmental impact. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions, making sheets a great sustainable choice. However, the biggest enviornmental saving lies in the size and the packaging.

An exercise in saving space and reducing CO2

The laundry detergent formula is heat compressed to create the sheets. That is why laundry detergent sheets are up to 16 times smaller and lighter than traditional formats, and due to their liquid-free nature, it can use 100% plastic-free packaging. Liquid detergent in plastic packaging is the dominant format currently used in the commercial sector. To get a better understanding of the impact of swapping from liquid detergent to detergent sheets, we took a look at the potential plastic and CO2 savings from the packaging alone.

First we looked at one pallet of Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves, which contains 71,250 washes. The CO2 emissions related to cardboard is much lower compared to that of plastic (at 0.94kg of CO2 per kg of cardboard, vs 3.50kg of CO2 per 1kg of plastic). The CO2 emissions for one pallet of Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves came to 3.9kg. Then we looked at a pallet of liquid detergent in plastic packaging, which came to 38.5kg of CO2 emissions. That is an 89.9% difference.

However, as the boxes of laundry detergent sheets are much smaller than the liquid bottles, we next compared like for like. For the 71,250 washes of Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves that fit on one pallet, we calculated that 12 pallets are needed to fit the same amount of washes in liquid form. Now, the amount of CO2 from plastic packaging totals 462kg. That is a staggering 99.9% difference from the pallet of detergent sheets.

Not only is this a drastic reduction in CO2, but also in space, potentially making detergent sheets financially beneficial. For every truck filled with Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves, eleven trucks would be needed for the equivalent amount of washes in liquid format, cascading both the environmental and space saving benefits throughout the distribution and fulfilment chain.

This is a great example of how innovation can positively impact both the user-friendliness and the eco-credentials of a product. Not only is the cut in CO2 emissions significant, the need for less space when storing and transporting can be of high value. We expect a lot from our products, because we need them to perform across a variety of areas. The cleaning space is no exception, and innovative and sustainable laundry and Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves is making its mark.

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Meta title: Reducing plastic and CO2 with Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves

Meta description: Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves are leading the charge for innovative and sustainable laundry detergents. We looked at the potential plastic and CO2 saving from packaging alone, when swapping to laundry detergent sheets. The results were staggering.

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