1kg of ProCleanSorb will absorb up to 12 litres of contaminant – almost twice as much as previously – making it the most effective, best-value absorbent on the market.

ProCleanSorb (PCS) is based on sphagnum peat moss and can be used as an eco-friendly absorbent to clean up spills of hydrocarbons and chemicals on land and water. PCS is also thermally treated which gives it the ability to repel water while still absorbing contaminants.

ProCleanSorb really works:

  • PCS is organic, sustainable, and renewable
  • Harvesting is managed and monitored
  • PCS bioremedies rendering pollutants inert or non-toxic
  • Hydrophobic – the only thing it won’t absorb is water

Traditional spill control products are ineffective

  • Clay granules, perlite, sand, sawdust, coir, and polypropylenes – none are true absorbents, at best they are absorbents.
  • Clear-up is messy and time-consuming
  • Clay granules and prelite are mined. They are finite resources not sustainable or renewable.

Site Environment Awareness (SEA) initiative

Our working relationship with Pro Earth now includes the Site Environment Awareness (SEA) initiative. Designed to help you actively protect the environment from pollution, it can play a bit role in mitigating the effects of accidental contamination.

Spills of hydrocarbons and chemicals can be incredibly costly – not only to the health of the environment. Clear up costs are expensive, and the Environment Agency can impose draconian penalties for contaminating the environment. In addition, the effect of adverse publicity on your reputation can be incalculable.

A Proactive Forum

SEA provides a face-to-face proactive forum for your teams where Pro Earth shows, through knowledge sharing and active demonstrations, how to identify areas that may be vulnerable to pollution.

A SEA visit includes:

  • A demonstration of the natural and sustainable solutions that protect the environment
  • Identifying vulnerable areas where solutions should be used proactively and advice on which are best for each risk
  • How to deploy solutions quickly and easily after a spill has happened
  • How to dispose of used products

While no one can prevent accidental spills from happening. SEA’s aim is to ensure accidents don’t escalate into environmental incidents.

Pro Earth’s ProCleanSorb uses up to 40x less than conventional products. Save money on disposal – when used ProCleanSorb is 6x lighter than conventional products.

ProCleanSorb Innovative Features and Benefits:

  • Non-leaching – encapsulates contaminants and does no leach even under pressure
  • Hydrophobic – will not absorb water
  • Bio Filter – cleans contaminated water
  • Non-Toxic – safe for use on land and water
  • Absorbs fumes
  • Great Value – 1kg absorbs up to 12 litres of contaminent

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