Tackling Occupational Hazards

If you work in an industry that exposes your hands to tough soils, such as grease, oil, tar, paint, or adhesive, you know how hard it can be to keep them clean and healthy. Not only do these soils make your hands look dirty and unprofessional, but they can
also damage your skin and cause occupational dermatitis.
Occupational dermatitis is a common skin condition that affects workers who come into contact with irritants or allergens at work. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), approximately 7,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related
skin conditions each year1, with dermatitis being a major contributor. Symptoms include redness, itching, cracking, swelling, or blistering of the skin. Occupational dermatitis can affect productivity, comfort, and quality of life. It can also lead to infections, chronic inflammation, or permanent scarring of the skin.
Taking preventative care of skin in the workplace is therefore critical. That’s why Bunzl Greenham is proud to launch a new range of products for industrial hand hygiene, under the PRISTINE brand. It offers a complete solution for cleaning, protecting, and conditioning your hands, using plant-based ingredients and innovative dispensing systems.

Maximising Cleaning Power with Plant-Based Scrubbers

When it comes to the tough soils that workers in construction, engineering and factories experience, sanitising gel and regular soap and water just aren’t up to the job. The new PRISTINE Industrial Hand Hygiene Range, however, is designed to tackle stubborn soils that ordinary hand soaps can’t touch.
Rather than applying excessive chemicals to lift soils, the two new hand cleaners in the PRISTINE range use plant-based scrubbers and mild surfactants to remove medium and heavy-duty soils, such as grease, carbon black, caulk, graphite,
adhesive, paint, sealant, and tar with minimum fuss.
PRISTINE Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaning lotion that contains plant-based scrubbing particles from apricot kernels and corn seeds. It is designed to tackle grease, oil and tar residue.
PRISTINE Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner contains plant-based scrubbing particles from ground olive stones, and is solvent and silicone free.
Both products contain glycerin to moisturise the skin, and leave it feeling soft and smooth.
Both PRISTINE hand cleaners are dispensed through the PRISTINE Heavy Duty Skin Care dispenser, a robust manual dispenser that is ideal for production, tool room, distribution and maintenance areas. The dispenser has a modern design with
diamond-plate effect, a large sight window for at-a-glance monitoring, and a portion control feature to reduce waste.

Keeping Skin in Good Condition

Employers have a legal duty of care to protect their employees from the risks associated with their work. According to the HSE, work-related dermatitis accounts for approximately 25% of all occupational diseases in the UK2. Aside from the physical discomfort it causes employees, dermatitis can also have a significant impact on productivity.
Prevention is the best defence against occupational dermatitis, so it is important to use a skin conditioner before, after, and during working hours to keep skin in good condition.
PRISTINE Skin Conditioning Cream is specially formulated for professional technicians and workers in tough soil environments. It helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier and absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel. It is water based and unfragranced to suit all skin types.
PRISTINE Skin Conditioner is dispensed through the manual PRISTINE Skin Conditioner dispenser, a compact design that is ideal for tight spaces. The dispenser has a low bulk to avoid protrusion into walkways, a large sight window for at-a-glance monitoring, and a lifetime guarantee. The dispenser uses CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology to maintain bottle shape longer while emptying and SANITARY SEALED refills to prevent contamination. The refills have a removable pump for easier recycling and are available in 685 mL size.

Try the PRISTINE Industrial Range Today and See the Difference

It’s important for employers to take proactive measures to prevent occupational dermatitis through proper workplace hygiene
practices, providing protective equipment, and offering suitable hand hygiene products like PRISTINE by Bunzl Greenham to
reduce the risk of dermatitis development among their workforce. Early intervention and effective treatment can help individuals
manage the condition and minimize its impact on their health and work life.
Don’t let tough soils ruin your hands or your work. Try PRISTINE today and see the difference for yourself. Contact Bunzl
Greenham to order your PRISTINE products or request a site audit. You won’t regret it!

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