The environment and sustainable living will continue to be at the forefront of all our minds as we go through 2022 and with this in mind Pristine® now has a new, luxury recycled toilet tissue in the range, Eco Luxury Soft. 

Pristine Eco Luxury Soft

The 4-pack toilet tissue is the choice for premium, environmentally friendly washrooms and the toilet roll balances, 100% recycled FSC® certified paper, with luxurious comfort and appearance. It is the ideal product for the sustainable conscious washroom user. The 2ply laminated rolls ensure premium quality and gives them an increased strength, they are also patterned embossed giving them increased absorbency, comfort and a more premium visual appearance. The rolls are long lasting and have a generous 210mm sheet size, they may be environmentally friendly but there is no compromising on quality.  

Taking steps to make packaging have less of an environmental impact 

Eco Luxury Soft, like the rest of our conventional toilet roll (CTR) range are wrapped in LDPE plastic, which is 100% recyclable, at larger recycling centres. We have also taken steps to reduce our plastic usage and the wraps are now made from 30% recycled material (Post-Consumer-Resin (PCR)). Whilst the plastic wrap ensures rolls are kept together, are hygienically clean and easy to transport, it is important that we all take steps to reduce our environmental impact.  

The cores in rolls are made from 100% recycled board and are recyclable after use.  

Toilet Roll Made from Recycled content

Reducing our product miles and carbon footprint 

The new luxury, recycled CTR product’s whole lifecycle is in the UK, reducing the products environmental impact further, by reducing its product miles and carbon footprint. There are many CTR products in the market now which claim to be ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmentally friendly’, however when the base sheet and/or the raw materials come from Asia, they actually emit over 1000% more CO2 per pallet* than products manufactured in the UK just on shipping alone! 

Eco Luxury Soft is made from 100% recycled material – generally sorted office waste, sourced from within the UK – the recycled material is then converted and distributed locally keeping the product miles to a minimum.  

Luxury Soft 100% recycled toilet paper

The complete Pristine® CTR range 

Pristine Toilet Roll complete range

The new Eco Luxury Soft is the perfect complimentary product to the already well-established Pristine® conventional toilet roll range. Like the Eco Luxury Soft the rest of the range is all FSC® certified, whether it be 100% recycled CTR, or pure pulp. The FSC® certification marks that the product has been responsibly sourced.  

Within the Pristine® conventional toilet roll offer you will also find; Ultra Luxury Soft – which is a 3 ply, luxurious pure pulp product and a more economical recycled tissue products, Soft Eco.  

Why choose Conventional Toilet Roll? 

Conventional toilet roll is essentially the same product we all use in our own homes, many businesses choose to use conventional toilet roll versus a washroom dispenser or system because there simply isn’t enough space for a bulky dispenser, or they can be thought of as unsightly. Also, dispensers, quite often don’t fit the bathroom environment.   

Conventional toilet tolls offer users flexibility in storage, transport and are an economical toilet roll when compared to dispenser products.  


Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll