3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ ALERT™ X Headset helps you to stay connected and available. Conduct all your business from inside your headset. You can now clearly hear incoming callers in your earmuffs by connecting one device using Bluetooth® technology. By using the noise-cancelling boom microphone, you can speak to others at a normal volume even in noisy environments and they can hear you without the surrounding noise interfering with your conversation.

Turn your hearing protection into a quiet office you wear to work. In low noise, the ambient/environmental microphones can increase your ability to communicate with nearby colleagues and hear warning signals, approaching vehicles and other machine sounds or processes when needed.

Product highlights:

Large buttons and voice-guided menus – The large function buttons are glove friendly. No need to remove the headset for any adjustments. Get immediate voice confirmation after every setting adjustment, including “low battery” voice alert.

Push-to-Listen function – The Push-to-listen (PTL) feature instantly pause your Bluetooth® streaming while increasing your ambient/environmental listening ability, without being tempted to remove your headset.

Hearing protection with enhanced situational awareness – Ambient microphones help you hear oncoming vehicles, alerts, and other warning signals while providing hearing protection when you need it.

Bluetooth® connectivity – Simultaneous, seamless connection to Bluetooth® devices allows for flexibility and mobility. While keeping your hearing protection on, you can easily setup and adjust the headset functions using the iOS and Android compatible mobile 3M™ Connected Equipment App on your phone.

Carry on conversations – Since the headset comes with a noise-cancelling boom microphone, you can stop shouting and now speak in a normal volume.

Durable, practical electronics – To help reduce corrosion caused by sweat, the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup. The dual-shell design helps protect the electronics from moisture.

Power saving options – Auto-OFF after 4 hours of non-use. Uses two AA alkaline batteries (or optional LR6NM NiMH rechargeable).

Two models: Headband or helmet attachment – Both feature long-lasting, stainless steel wire bands that can help provide consistent wear.

Woman hearing PPE and a headset


The 3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ ALERT™ X Headset offers Bluetooth® wireless communication in continuous or intermittent noisy environments. Essential when users need to be connected to their mobile phone throughout the day (e.g. handymen in construction industries, private contractors operating their own equipment, farmers, maintenance workers in industrial applications etc.); everywhere hands-free communication and hearing protection could be of benefit.

3M™ Connected Equipment

You can download the 3M™ Connected Equipment app, which provides ready access to:

• Easily navigate the headset’s menus to set and adjust all of its settings.

• Hygiene kit reminder to let you know when it is time to change the cushions and foamliners.

• User Instructions (both as text and videos)

• Guides

• FAQs

• Tech support contacts

• Important tech data sheet information

This mobile app is free of charge and is part of 3M™ Connected Equipment suite, which enables users to manage, operate and view the status of all your 3M Connected personal protective equipment in one place.


“I often work outside in dirty environments and I need to make calls several times a day. With this headset, it is easy to both call and pick up calls, even with my gloves on. I don’t need to stop and use my mobile phone. I can do it all in the headset!”
Julia, excavator & land clearing

“In my work, I am often onsite at many industries that are noisy, but I have a need to discuss things with workers as well as call my colleagues for consultation. With the headset on, I not only am protecting my hearing, but at the same time it helps work efficiently because I can make phone calls even if it is noisy.”
Sandra, energy consultant engineer

“This headset protects my hearing. I can easily talk with my colleagues as well as streaming my favourite music right in the headset. And besides that, they are comfortable!”
Martin, electrician

“This headset helps me talk and work at the same time. I usually work on a building site where it is noisy and this headset helps me clearly hear people on phone calls while I am working.”
Felix, electrician

“At my work I am totally dependent when it comes to not only talking to the crew on the ground, but also with my colleagues on the roof. This headset protects my hearing from loud noises, allows me to talk to everyone on the job site, and at the same time, I can continue to work efficiently throughout the day.”
Tadas, solar panel installer.