Our exclusive brand Cleanline Eco have just launched their soluble sachets, a single one-dose solution which is simple, safe, and sustainable. Each sachet is made using professional formulations which have been tested thoroughly to ensure the product is just as effective as standard liquid cleaning products. The products provide effective cleaning and disinfection and the wide range of products for every application area. The range contains two types of sachets, a larger one that can be added to a bucket and smaller sachets that can be dissolved into spray bottles. This highly diverse range is aimed at a wide range of different users, learn more about how the product could be suited to you and your employees.


The sachets create simple controlled dosing with no equipment needed as there is no need for measurement, each sachet gives you the correct dose if you add the correct amount of water required. This helps to eliminate the need for equipment which is perfect for small facilities that may not have the space to store the equipment or large bottles or have the staff to manage the space or equipment maintenance. The range contains highly versatile products which can be used for multiple cleaning tasks, reducing the number of products required on-site. Each product is supplied with guidelines for safe handling and recommended dilution for optimum performance to ensure safe and effective use.

The relevant packaging formats range from 20 to 80 sachets in a pouch, to suit different task sizes and frequency. You can simply add one sachet to water and then they are ready to handle, whether this is a trigger spray bottle or bucket. The packaging is lightweight and easy to transport making sure it is as accessible to as many users as possible and the re-sealable packaging aids in tidy and easy storage for the product so it can be easily identified and reached for when needed. There is also a choice of re-useable spray bottles which are colour-coded to match the product. This ensures cross contamination is avoided and the different products can be identified easily.


The chemicals used in the soluble sachets are gentle enough that there are no health hazard classifications in use, this stops the exposure to harsh chemicals for those using the products. Being in the soluble sachet format means that there is no exposure to the concentrated product as the full sachet is simply placed into the water and should fully dissolve when shaken carefully.

This format also stops the spillage of potentially hazardous chemicals which may happen when chemicals are poured from one container to another. As they are compact and not a heavy liquid, they are easy to transport, up to 95% less weight that needs to be carried around helping to prevent injury or strain from carrying heavy concentrated liquid. The resealable packaging ensures that your products are securely kept in their packaging and can be stored correctly.


The sachets have a 95% reduction in packaging compared to ready to use cleaning products, helping to reduce waste and single use plastics as all containers and bottles are fully recyclable as well as the sachets being biodegradable. The pouches and the label are both made of paper which means the whole packet can be placed in the paper recycling stream without separating, helping to promote easy and effective recycling.

Concentrated products, like the soluble sachets, reduce carbon emissions by up to 98% compared to ready-to-use by reducing the transportation of water and product. Although there are no environmental classifications for this product all the sanitisers and disinfectants conform to relevant EN tests, passing BS EN tests EN 1276, EN13697 and EN 14476. The soluble sachets have significantly lower carbon footprint than ready-to-use due to water being added at the time of use.

These products have been manufactured in the UK minimising the carbon footprint by reducing transportation and carbon emissions compared to imported products. The formulation causes low environmental impact and there is a reduced use of synthetic perfumes, and the products have no phosphate content or chlorine they are also non-flammable and non-carcinogenic. The soluble sachets have not been tested on animals and have no ingredients derived from animals so are Vegan Society approved.

Other Benefits

This range is not only focused on increasing usability and offering a sustainable alternative to popular cleaning products they also help to lower costs. This due to the products being more compact meaning a reduced number of deliveries as well as not containing hazardous chemicals, the chemical costs can be tightly controlled and inevitably lead to reduced staff training costs. Again, without the hazardous chemicals the reduced hazard risk reduces potential sick days, no costly dispensing equipment required, no maintenance costs, reduced risk means less spend on potential compensation claims.

Another positive of the product is that there is reduced need for storage, less space is required compared to traditional liquid chemicals and there is no space needed for large dosing units. Transportation of the products is made easier as it is not classified as a hazardous for transport product and does not require specialist UN certified transportation packaging.

To find out more about the range contact your local Service Centre!