ATG® is driven by the belief that upholding the highest standards of corporate ethics and environmental responsibility is the only way to operate in today´s business world.

ATG® takes pride in helping to lead the way in the safety glove industry in environmentally responsible production since their foundation over 25 years ago. Accredited to ISO 14001 – Total Environmental Policy & ISO 14064 – Green House Gas Emissions Certified, ATG® are committed to ongoing carbon reduction. Through the use of solar panels, a total of 180,160 KWh of solar energy is generated, leading to the conservation of 127.9 tons of CO2 through the utilization of renewable energy.

Solar panels

Additionally, saving and recycling 2.5 million litres of water per month. With an upgraded effluent process, an additional 30% of water is saved, amounting to 750,000 litres per month. As part of ATG’s® commitment to clean energy and environmental responsibility, investment in reforestation projects in Sri Lanka have also been implemented. Their comprehensive carbon reduction framework covers ISO’s four emission categories (Scopes 1 to 4).

In an industry dominated by outsourced production, ATG® is a true manufacturer, that guarantees nothing is outsourced in their the manufacturing process, and is best placed to provide fully integrated sustainable hand protection solutions.

Sustainability Through Extended Use

ATG® gloves are designed to be laundered and reused so that the wearer can benefifit from their advanced technology gloves for longer, providing a cost saving to the user and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfifill or incineration.

This is where MaxiDex®, the World’s First Hybrid glove comes into play. It has the protection and durability of mechanical handling gloves combined with the dexterity and liquid repellence of disposable gloves. Additionally, the ViroSan™ technology used by the MaxiDex® helps prevent the spread of viruses in high contact or critical environments.


The best of mechanical handling gloves and the best of a disposable glove combined into one outstanding product that protects your hands.

MaxiDex® is the world’s first hybrid glove, as it combines the best features of precision- handling and disposable gloves in one groundbreaking solution that includes proprietary technology, ViroSan™, which is designed to prevent the proliferation of viruses which deposit on the glove.

ATG®’S Features and Benefits

ViroSan™ Technology is designed to enhance glove hygiene and prevent the proliferation of viruses which deposit on the glove. It resides on the glove coating via ATG®’s proprietary technology platform. This stops the touch transmission of viruses including NL63, a human strain of Covid.

AD-APT® Technology is activated by the movement of your hands, releasing a natural cooling agent that keeps the hand dry and cool. It is liquid proof to pass EN ISO 374-5 for viruses and certified to be washed at 40°C, allowing the user to benefit from advanced technology gloves for longer in comparison to single use disposable gloves.

Touchscreen compatible to ensure that using electronic devices in the workplace doesn’t lead to employee hand protection being reduced by the removal of the glove.

ERGOtech® Technology concentrates on maximising the form, fit and feel of the gloves, resulting in a superior user experience.

LIQUItech® Technology provides a liquid proof barrier which in the case of MaxiDex, enables it to pass EN ISO 374-5, for viruses.

ATG®’s HandCare® Program make sure that all the elements used in the manufacturing process are safe for customers. All gloves are washed after the production process.

The Skin Health Alliance seal gives, for the first time in the safety industry, professional glove users the confidence that ATG®’s full range of gloves are “dermatologically safe” and the science and research behind them is robust which promotes well-being for the user.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification ensures that ATG®’s gloves are free of known harmful substances including legally not regulated chemicals. The requirements exceed existing national legislation.

MaxiDex® combines a precision handling and disposable glove into one total solution to reduce the disposal of single use products contributing towards sustainability and cost effectiveness.

ATG®’s manufacturing process is in line with the requirements of the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemical Substances).