The Flexothane® Experience is a game-changer. When you slip into Flexothane® clothing, you’ll immediately notice the incredible lightness and flexibility. It moves effortlessly with you, giving you unparalleled freedom of movement. But it’s not just about comfort – it’s about getting the job done, no matter how harsh the conditions.

In the pouring rain or facing a high-pressure washer, your reliable Flexothane® layer ensures you’re shielded from the elements. You’ll stay perfectly dry, and when the rain subsides or the pressure cleaner is turned off, the outer layer dries in an instant.

Worried about wear and tear? Don’t be. Flexothane® is built tough, ready to handle more than you’d expect. It’s also resistant to oils, greases, and even some chemicals and pathogens. And cleanup is a breeze – a quick wipe and it’s good as new.

After a long day of hard work, simply toss your Flexothane® jacket in the washing machine. It’s designed for rugged, day-in, day-out use, never letting you down. With Flexothane®, you’re getting the best in comfort, durability, and performance, every time.

Elevate your performance, redefine your comfort – Choose Flexothane® today.

What is Flexothane®

Introducing Flexothane®: Unleashing Unparalleled Protection

Revolutionise your comfort and protection with Flexothane®, a technical marvel that redefines performance weatherwear. This cutting-edge fabric boasts a polyurethane coating on a stretchable knitted base, rendering it both water and windproof, while providing an astonishing 150% stretchability. Brace yourself for clothing that’s not only comfortable and noiseless but also highly tear-resistant and effortlessly machine washable.

Breathable, Extremely Comfortable

Stay ahead of the game with Flexothane® – a breathable fabric designed to elevate your experience. The specially woven fabric absorbs perspiration, banishing that dreaded clammy feeling. With Flexothane®, your body remains dry, and your temperature stays perfectly regulated, ensuring peak performance in any condition.

Unmatched Strength, Remarkable Comfort

Flexothane® redefines durability. Resistant to rough handling and harsh weather, this fabric stands tall against adversity. Its incredible 150% stretchability guarantees unrestricted freedom of movement, making Flexothane® the epitome of both strength and flexibility. Invest in garments crafted from Flexothane®, and relish in the assurance of long-lasting quality.

Machine Washable

Embrace hassle-free maintenance with Flexothane®. Resistant to oil derivatives, fuel, diesel, and grease, its smooth PU-coated surface wipes clean effortlessly. Even better, our range of Flexothane® fabrics are machine washable. Opt for Flexothane® Kleen, washable at a scorching 95°C, without compromising its original shape. With Flexothane®, getting dirty is a thing of the past.


Flexothane® is available in a kaleidoscope of colours. Elevate your brand presence by donning your company’s signature hues. Don’t hesitate to ask for your personalised Flexothane® experience.

Eco-conscious Excellence

When it comes to Flexothane®, sustainability takes centre stage. Our production process is chloride-free, ensuring that no harmful substances are released into the environment when disposing of Flexothane® after use. Choose Flexothane® and make a statement in favour of a greener tomorrow.

Technology Redefined

Flexothane® consists of a high grade polyurethane coating on a stretchable knitted base and offers an excellent protection against rain and wind. Flexothane® has been specially engineered to form a durable, impenetrable barrier against water and wind, while retaining a high level of wearer comfort. The polyurethane coating forms an impenetrable barrier and the knitted base assures a high tear resistance and a great flexibility in addition to absorbing body moisture. The seams of all Flexothane® garments are high-frequency welded. The Flexothane® fabric is a result of the groups’ vertical integration, where the entire production process is controlled from fabric to finished product. Flexothane® is produced on the transfer coating lines of the Sioen industries group. Extended durable protection against hydrolysis is key to this fabric.