With spring and summer on the horizon, so is the peak holiday and socialising season. The need to prepare is all stations go for gyms, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations! On that list includes providing a hygienic, sustainable and economically-friendly solution to period product disposal.

Ensure a Win-Win with a sustainable and enhanced customer experience in your cubicles. Disposal of period products can be sustainably sourced, easy, hygienic and feel good for all! Join the Revolootion. FabLittleBags redesigns the experience and environmental imapct of period disposal; sanitary disposal bags revisited.

Introducing FabLittleBag

What is FabLittleBag?

FabLittleBags goal is to make it easier for businesses when it comes to fulfilling that ultimate level of customer service, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront. In industries where guests are everything, going the extra mile is at the heart of customer service. Being driven by sustainability, FabLittleBag go above and beyond to revolutionise your waste disposal. Their British Patented invention is an innovative disposal bag for sanitary pads, tampons and condoms with customers worldwide.

Their plant based solutions to disposing of sanitary waste is a refreshing addition to the market and a necessity when it comes to hospitality waste, ensuring good hygiene in all cubicles. Bringing a more hygienic and sustainable binning experience, FabLittleBag users feel ressaured of a more discreet hygienic solution to waste, no more “ewww” and awkwardness behind the cubicle door. In a time when hygiene is everything, the FabLittleBag Dispenser also has an antimicrobial coating, and to top it all off, it’s super easy to refill; no keys to lose. In addition to improving customer, guest and employee experience, as a business your sustainably souced FabLittleBags ensures that your sanitary bin will stay odour and mess-free with the sealed disposal bag being the only form of contact with the bin. This leads to no cross contamination, no leaks, no used pads stuck to the bin, no bad odour. Plus, as FabLittleBag seals closed, any bin will do!

Be a Binner, Not A Flusher

2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed down the toilet each day; FabLittleBag exists to protect rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed period products. As well as the ocean, FabLittleBags can save you money with fewer plumbing and maintenance bills, few flushers (saving water!), and less toilet roll used in the ‘loo roll wrap’. With a £300+ call-out fee for clearing these blockages, it’s a key and essential aspect to be addressed by alternative solutions.

Social and Corporate Responsibility

Despite it being a natural and common formality in all of us women, periods are often ignored in public restrooms. Sanitary items should be binned, not flushed, with disposal bins often becoming smeared by unwrapped items they often become ‘untouchable’. With the need for a discrete, hygienic and sustainable way of disposing sanitary products as well as condoms, public loos often fall short. As a business, FabLittleBag acknowledge this which resulted in their ethos of ‘no stress, no mess’. With cleanliness and hygiene being key, the need for reassurance for customers and the need for a better and more hygienic binning system is imperative. With their sanitary disposal bags being made from plants (which is carbon reducing) and recycled plastics, as a business they support the circular economy of waste, an effective message that speaks for itself as a business, and can be echod to your customers, guests and employees.

With no mess when it comes to disposing of items like pads and tampons in a FabLittleBag, emptying bins with sealed products is a great hygienic improvement for cleaners. With FabLittleBag everyone’s a winner; the customer, the cleaners, the business and the environment.