At Greenham we are focused on keeping your employees safe, but it is also extremely important to think of the safety of others who may also be affected by the working area. We offer a large range of traffic management products that can help keep the roads safe from barrier systems to ramps. 14th of November marks the beginning of Road Safety week here in the UK and we have teamed up with Oxford Plastics to discuss how they are keeping street works safe and accessible for those with disabilities.  Street works are a necessary part of maintaining road infrastructure, pedestrian safety, and the modernisation of our environment. However, this often poses its challenges to pedestrian accessibility – especially for those who have a disability that affects their mobility.

Road Safety week is important in that it helps to spread messages around road safety and to remember people affected by road death and injury. It is important that awareness is raised and products that can be used to aid in increasing Road Safety are used correctly in practice.

The Equality Act, 2010 states that street works, or construction work, should be planned so that they do “not put a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person”.

That’s why, Oxford Plastics, not only provide the relevant equipment to ensure that pedestrian safety is always maintained during street works, but also the capability to cater for everyone – providing an all-inclusive way of working. Their products comply to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 – meaning that their Chapter 8 street works products are applicable to those who are disabled, and can be used and installed in a way that caters specifically to those who have reduced with mobility. This isn’t always just wheelchair users, either – it could refer to the elderly, parents with prams and pedestrians who need to use a stick or a guide-dog.

It’s also important to consider the hidden disabilities that people may be facing – such as autism, dementia or learning disabilities. Although this may not directly hinder people’s mobility, the impact of street works accessibility may be confusing for people – which again, shows why it’s so important that the correct safety measures are implemented. This will aid in reducing accidents and keeping the roads safe for everyone.

How Oxford Plastics products support disabilities

At Greenham we are proud to stock a variety of products that can cater for those with disabilities – and there are several products and ancillary items which are the perfect choice in these circumstances:

  • SafeKerb Wheelchair Ramp – The SafeKerb Ramp provides safe access for wheelchair, pushchair, motorised wheelchair, bicycle and foot traffic up to 250kg. The SafeKerb Ramp is commonly used to provide access from kerb to road when the pavement is closed for street works. This temporary kerb ramp is also suitable for access to shops, shop fronts, public buildings and the home.
  • SupaGrip Ramp – this product is more recently designed and follows on from the SafeKerb ramp. This product differs in its design – with its black edging that grips the surface to greatly reduce unwanted movement – but also in terms of weighting, as this ramp can take more weight (up to 350kg) than the SafeKerb ramp.
  • LowPro Trench Cover – Trench Cover system that makes excavated areas accessible for vehicles and pedestrians, available in different sizes and strengths. These cover dangerous holes made in the ground during streets works to help eliminate hazards and for those with disabilities to pass over smoothly.

Oxford plastics products are also moving towards being more sustainable, their products are made to be long lasting therefore you do not need to replace them as often reducing waste product. Oxford Plastics are dedicated to reducing their CO2 emissions by reducing their product carbon footprint and reducing their CO2 within the supply chain. Being aware of how their products can be sustainable as well as providing the highest level of safety which meets or exceeds the appropriate safety standards is extremely important.

Road Safety week is important in highlighting these issues, but it should not be the only time we focus on road safety. Make sure you are always prepared with the correct traffic management equipment.

Contact your local Service Centre to find out more about these products and discuss the best options for you.