Free Site Surveys Help You to Gain ISO 14001

Environmental performance is central to modern businesses that take responsibility for their actions. In order to show that your company has an effective environmental management system in place, you will need to attain the ISO 14001 international standard. Building a suitable framework and implementing it across your business can be a very demanding task, so we’re here to help you achieve it through rigorous site surveys, top-quality staff training and professional equipment.

Why does my company need ISO 14001?

When an organisation gains ISO 14001, it understands and respects all environmental issues relevant to its operations, such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resource use and efficiency. A suitable system will also include methods for constant monitoring and perpetual improvement, making it a clear methodology that evolves alongside the company’s growth and development.

ISO 14001 is designed for organisations of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest offices to the largest factories. It’s also highly adaptable to your goals, such as when you want to decrease your power consumption, reduce waste created by everyday processes, or generally run a more environmentally friendly business.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001?

There are multiple advantages that come with ISO 14001 accreditation, such as:

  • Decreased costs associated with energy usage and materials
  • Simpler and more affordable waste management
  • Ongoing adherence to regulations and legislation
  • Higher levels of health and safety for staff and visitors
  • Lower insurance premiums thanks to minimal risk to employees
  • Enhanced company image
  • Long-term sustainability across your brand

How does a site survey help?

When you book a free site survey, you’re demonstrating how serious you are about implementing the highest standards of health, safety and environmental sustainability throughout your premises. A smooth and stress-free process, a site survey involves an experienced specialist inspecting the entirety of your workplace to determine what’s working well and which areas need improvement.

If there is an issue with your fluid management systems, the examiner will explain why it poses a threat to your business and how it can be rectified. The changes that may need putting in place can vary greatly – sometimes it could be as simple as purchasing suitable spill products, or it could be that your company requires professional training across the board. Whatever the case, the site survey will only recommend necessary actions and offer practical guidance on how to achieve them easily and affordably.

What will be the outcome?

Sometimes a free site survey will confirm that your business is already safe, compliant and protecting the environment. However, usually, there will be room for improvement and specific enhancements to daily operations, which can vary according to the size, nature and setup of your organisation. The recommended actions depend on the scope of changes required for you to achieve ISO 14001, but the most common examples are listed below.

Spill response training

Our free site surveys often uncover the need for spill response training, as equipping employees with relevant knowledge is the most effective means of ensuring best practices are always followed. This training should be offered to all staff, as accidents often happen when a team member is visiting a different department and is unfamiliar with safety regulations and preventative measures.

The Basic Spill Kit Response Training course accommodates up to 12 operatives and takes around 50 minutes, making it very easy to fit into a working day. Its objectives are:

  1. To provide operatives with the knowledge of how to safely use spill products that you provide them with on your site.
  2. To highlight the importance of having a simple and effective response action plan.
  3. To stress the importance of preventing spillage escape and the impact of environmental pollution.

If your business requires more in-depth training, whether it’s for all staff or just select members, we can also provide an accredited FRtLS course that lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes. This dives deep into the subject matter and thoroughly explains to attendees exactly how to respond when an emergency spill occurs, as well as the dangers it poses and the individual’s moral and legal responsibilities regarding pollution and damage to the environment. This training brings an excellent return on investment, as it fully equips workers with the knowledge, mindset and ability to keep your working environments safe around the clock.

Spill response kits

Whilst suitable and comprehensive knowledge is required in order to quickly respond to spills, employees also need the proper equipment in order to do this safely and effectively. Your free site survey could suggest that spill response kits are installed in key areas of the premises, as they are designed for a variety of scenarios and contain everything staff need to deal with different types of spills. Whether your teams are working with chemicals, oils or maintenance fluids, and even if a scenario results in body fluids entering a workspace, spill response kits are customised to your precise working arrangements and the full spectrum of your requirements.

Spill centres

A powerful tool that helps staff to tackle all manner of spills in a fast and appropriate manner, spill centres give staff immediate access to the exact absorbents and accessories required for the types of fluids that are used on-site. These handy units can be mounted on the wall or placed in a spot that offers optimised access, guaranteeing that you never have to worry about spills being left unresolved.

Spill centres are restocked by the supplier, ensuring that employees have everything they need at all times and allowing spill response kits to be saved for larger emergencies.

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