The fundamental difference between eVent® membrane technology and traditional membranes is millions of microscopic pores that work immediately and continuously to remove excess water (sweat) accumulated inside the clothing and shoes. eVent® is using Direct Venting (Direct Ventilation) and Dry System technology, so there is no need to apply an additional polyurethane coating to protect the membrane from body exudates.

This material was created by BHA Technologies who has long served military, police and firefighting forces around the world with its protective products. It is the same technologies and fabrics that meet the needs of workers who count on their outerwear and footwear to keep them dry, comfortable and safe throughout the workday.

Our collection features seven pieces with eVent® in the KeepSafe XT range that includes high visibility fabrics and Endurance XT collections. The styles include jackets, hoods, trousers and overtrousers, all using eVent® Protective membranes and fabrics that comply with workwear and safety specifications.

We have also introduced safety footwear with eVent® Protective membrane technology. The launch features four styles in their high-performance Tuf XT range, including a low, mid and high cut ankle boot with side zip and a fully metal-free style.

The well-known Swiss Institute EMPA conducted independent laboratory tests and stated that to date the eVent membrane is the most “breathing” of all present on the market.

There is one more unique feature of the eVent® Protective membrane. Its fibres are processed with a substance that allows you to repeatedly wash the product using conventional detergents. And this does not reduce the breathing and waterproof properties of the membrane. Moreover, to maintain excellent vapour permeability, BHA Technologies engineers recommend washing products with eVent® Protective more often.

Products with eVent® Protective Technology: