How does dry technology work?

Dry cooling systems work by keeping the wearer 15 °C (26 °F) cooler than ambient temperature, and completely dry. The technology only has to be filled every 1-3 days, lasting four times longer than typical cooling products.

Step One.

The water is simply inserted into the pad and held between two layers of material which keeps the wearer both cool and 100% dry.

Step Two.

The outer layer of the pad is semi-permeable and allows water vapour through; while the inner layer is impermeable to protect the wearer’s skin and keep it 100% dry. The helmet pad is then inserted into the helmet.

Step Three.

the water vapour escapes through the porous material and evaporates, cooling the user. The KALIS Dry Cooling System works in humid environments; the more airflow, the better the cooling effect.

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