Greenham decided to deploy Telogis, a market leading MEM software platform that allows insight and control over operations asset utilisation and driver safety, but most of all – it is a tool that helps us to deliver extraordinary customer service.

Just a few advantages….

Reliable delivery service

The delivery routes to a customer are the most cost-efficient and timely.

There will never be an issue of vehicles being unable to deliver as we can log specific delivery restrictions relating to sites.

If a road closes or become blocks, we receive an alert immediately so we can re-route drivers more effectively.

Proof of delivery

PODs now available in 15 minutes

PODs can be emailed to customers as soon as their order has been delivered allowing it to be forwarded to Accounts department.

Customers now receive automatic email notifications when their goods are despatched.

Vehicle tracking

All drives are equipped with mobile phones, ensuring that we can contact them at all times.

We can provide accurate delivery time estimates.

Deliveries can be tracked because all of our drivers have handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PADs). This also allows customers to sign for the packages digitally.


Telogis enables us to perform more productively and efficiently to provide the best customer service.

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