In order for your site to remain a safe environment for all workers and visitors, you need to be confident that areas at risk of incidental spillage contain the resources required for a fast and efficient response. Through comprehensive site surveys and relevant training, we’ll ensure that your workplace is delivering wellbeing through safety at all times, whilst also complying with all regulations and requirements.

Free site surveys

A site survey involves an experienced specialist visiting your premises to undertake an in-depth examination of all working areas, which is completely free of charge. This is followed by a written report that highlights any noncompliance in your fluid management systems and actions that need to be taken, which can range from purchasing suitable spill products to organising valuable training that gives your staff the knowledge and guidance required to keep their surroundings safe around the clock.

A free site survey is particularly relevant if your business is striving to either achieve or retain ISO14001 or a similar EMS accreditation, making it a lasting investment that will keep your company compliant with best practices, current regulations and laws. The last thing you want is to be hit with a fine or, even worse, a temporary closure as a result of insufficient safeguards, so putting a little time aside for a site survey brings exceptional results and complete peace of mind.

Spill response kits

Designed for a speedy response to a variety of scenarios, spill response kits are essential to busy working environments of all shapes and sizes. These pre-packed kits contain everything you need to deal with a specific type of spill, including chemicals, oils, maintenance fluids and even body fluids, each available in a range of capacities to suit the volume of the spill and, therefore, minimise wastage. The types and quantities of spill kits that you have on-site will depend on the nature of your operations, an example being a 600L oil only spill response kit in the distribution yard and multiple 15L chemical spill response kits dotted around the warehouse.

By customising spill response kits to your precise working arrangements and updating types and quantities when required, you can rest assured that all staff have access to the right materials in the event of a spill. As part of your written site survey report, the assessor will make recommendations on the best response kits to have at hand and where they should be kept for optimal performance.

Spill centres

One of the most effective actions that can come from a free site survey is the installation of spill centres. These can be freestanding or wall-mounted and placed in the most logical locations around your premises, giving staff immediate access to the exact absorbents and accessories required for the types of fluids that are used on-site.

Spill centres are extremely easy to maintain and restocked by the supplier when required, resulting in a stress-free solution to any incidental spills and leaks, leaving spill kits for when you need to deal with larger emergencies.

Spill Control

Protecting people and the planet

During your site survey, the assessor will also pinpoint consequential impacts on people and the environment in the event of a spill. By knowing the potential damage that can be caused, you gain expert insight into exactly why appropriate preventative measures and responses need to be put in place.

For instance, even the smallest spillage that is left unchecked can lead to personal injury through slipping or illness through direct contact. Meanwhile, if spills are not immediately cleaned up, chemicals and contaminants can make their way into the local and eventually wider environment. Both of these instances have multiple ramifications, including a worker sustaining injuries and potentially taking legal action against the company, and the business receiving a fine for inadequate procedures that fail to prevent contamination outside of the site’s boundaries.

Spill response training

Whilst having the right tools in place is imperative, spill response training will mean that all staff know precisely how to respond to a spill in the safest and most effective way. The Basic Spill Kit Response Training course accommodates up to 12 operatives and takes around 50 minutes, making it very easy to fit into your rota.  Its three objectives are:

  1. To provide operatives with the knowledge of how to safely use spill products that you provide them with on your site.
  2. To highlight the importance of having a simple and effective response action plan.
  3. To stress the importance of preventing spillage escape and the impact of environmental pollution.

If you would like your employees to receive more advanced training, there is the option of an accredited FRtLS course that lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes, with the aim to give attendees a greater understanding of quick response to emergency spills, the physical dangers of spillage and the actions that should be taken, and an individual’s moral and legal responsibilities regarding pollution and damage to the environment.

A continuous service

The maintenance of health and safety best practice is dependent on regular assessment and enhancement. By taking advantage of our free site surveys on an ongoing basis, we will visit your business and check all areas to confirm that everything is in good shape. If relevant, our assessor will highlight any additional improvements that are required, although it could be that changes are very infrequent thanks to fully stocked spill centres and daily application of the initial training.

Through free site surveys, you will be putting equal focus on employee wellbeing, workplace safety, pollution prevention and legislation compliance, which together keep your people, premises and company reputation safe.

Book your free site survey today

A responsible and proactive approach will undoubtedly bring top results both now and in the future. Through a free site survey, you gain expert insight into the best way to keep everyone on your premises safe, healthy and in control in the event of a spillage. Call us on 0845 300 6672 or email the team at to book your free site survey.

Disclaimer: The information provided through Greenham Pulse is for general guidance only and is not legal advice. Greenham Pulse is not a substitute for Health and Safety consultancy. You should seek independent advice about any legal matter.