Numerous materials that are used at work can affect the skin or can pass through the skin and cause diseases elsewhere in the body. Poor hygiene can lead to germs being spread from person to person, cross-contamination of food, negative impact on business, and visible skin problems for employees, employee illness, and poor morale.

How to manage risks to prevent ill health?

Hand cleaner

Hand hygiene is a simple thing and is the best way to prevent contamination and illness – 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hand! Prevent the spread of germs with hand cleanser that removes harmful contaminants and irritants. (Swarfega TOUGH Hand Cleaner – Heavy duty hand cleaner to remove oil, grease, carbon black and lubricants)

Skin Protection

Hands and arms work hard, use protection cream which can strengthen the skin and improve grip. This means people can get on with the job at hand and limit the risks of debilitating skin conditions.  (Swarfega TOUGH Skin Protection Cream – Skin protection cream designed to improve grip for use with moderate to heavy changing contaminants)

Hand wipes

Germs can stay on the hands for up to 3 hours but wipes provide a useful way of ensuring hands stay clean. This is essential for people on the move as it keeps hands clean without the need of water! (Swarfega TOUGH Heavy Duty Hand Wipes – heavy duty wipes to remove oil, grease and general dirt from your hands)

Sun cream

Statistics show that every week working outdoors provokes five new cases of skin cancer and one death. Ensure that your workers are protected from the dangers of UV with SPF30. (Swarfega TOUGH Sun Protection Cream – SPF30 sun protection cream for people exposed to UVA, UVB and UVC rays)

Shower gel

Getting rid of grease and grime can be challenging, employees should ensure that they have a shower gel that is kind on the skin but tough on the dirt. Make sure you remove harmful contaminants from more than just the hands. (Swarfega TOUGH Shower Gel – removes general dirt and grime after manual tasks around the home or in the workplace)

What does health and safety law say about this?

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) state: ‘It is a legal requirement for every employer to provide the correct facilities for handwashing. This includes soap and hot and cold running water’.

Many employers are unaware that they have legal duties to assess the health risks from skin exposure to hazardous substances at work. They must prevent or, where this is not reasonably practicable, adequately control exposure to the hazards by using and maintaining suitable controls.

At Bunzl Greenham we work with industry experts to make sure you can provide your employees with the right protection.

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