Cleaning can be a labour intensive operation, so it’s not surprising that so many businesses equip their cleaners with machines and other high-tech industrial supplies. Indeed, they make the job much easier in many situations.

However, there are circumstances when the best cleaning tools are a simple mop and bucket. Here are some reasons why:


A mop can get into every nook and cranny to remove harmful bacteria, and often does this more effectively than machines. For example, after surgery, operating theatres rely on short pile microfiber mops that rapidly and effectively clean and disinfect the operating room floor.

Quick to use

A sudden spill should never be ignored! Slips, trips and falls make up 19% of non-fatal injuries (Labour Force Survey, 2016). In fast-paced sectors like catering, a quick cleanup with a mop is much more efficient than setting up a machine for a small spillage.

Anyone can do it

Using a mop means you do not require any training like you would with machinery; after all, we’ve all used a mop at some point in our lives!


A mop is not limited to floors. Once equipped with a telescopic pole, this can be used to clean ceilings. Mops can also easily clean stair steps and walls that are difficult to clean with a machine.

Gets around furniture

Large floor areas with few obstructions are generally better cleaned using machines, but offices and workspaces that house a lot of furniture and equipment are more easily mopped.

No noise

In environments such as hospitals, where there are vulnerable patients, a mop can work almost silently so that it does not disturb anyone.

A sign of caring

Cleaners with a mop in their hand provide reassurance to both visitors and workers. If they also wear personal protection equipment (PPE) such as gloves, overalls and even safety footwear, should they be operating in a warehouse, this is a visible indication that health and safety issues are taken seriously in the organisation.

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