Our customers are our biggest priority, which is why we will always go the extra mile. We can cater for all of our customers’ needs, even those with niche requirements. We aim to contribute to the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Looking after the environment is part of who we are which is why we are making sustainability more accessible to our customers.

Many of our customers are setting ambitious targets to become more sustainable. To help them on this journey and to continue our mission to work towards a greener future, we offer the secure disposal and recycling of many different products. By working in partnership with leading secure destruction specialists we are able to provide a national service for secure destruction and recycling for many different products of a wide range of PPE. This not only does protect our customers’ brands, but it also improves their overall carbon footprint.

All material can be collected from your premises and taken to a secure facility where it is destroyed using a shredding process. It is then used as Energy from Waste (EfW) and converted to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to generate power.

The process to do this couldn’t be easier and can be completed in just three steps:

  1. Collection

All material can be collected from your premises in small or large quantities to suit your needs.

2. Shredding

The materials are destroyed using a shredding process that breaks up the material into 5mm pieces in a secure location to ensure there is no re-use of PPE

3. Disposal

It is then converted to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to create Energy from Waste (EfW), resulting in zero waste to landfill.

After this process a certificate of destruction is issued along with recycling weights and figures for each collection, ensuring you can prove that your waste has been properly destroyed and recycled.

There are many different products that we collect to recycle in this way including:

We use our own transport to collect the products from your sites as our fleet are licensed to carry waste. Our vans return to Service Centres from delivery routes virtually empty so making use of this spare capacity to collect your unwanted PPE is a great, efficient use of our existing capacity.

To make this process easier you can find our PPE Recycling point bins available to order on our website, they are able to hold 240 litres of products and they are available in both red and green. We also supply signage for your PPE Recycling point to discourage misuse of the bins.

To learn more and to discuss this cost-effective service please contact your local Greenham Service Centre.

Solid Recovered Fuel and the Circular Economy

The circular economy is becoming increasingly important in the transition to sustainability and there is a need for products to be designed with their full lifecycle in mind to enable a product to go from cradle to cradle, rather than cradle to grave. To be successful, the circular economy requires collaboration between the manufacturing and service sectors for the collective benefit of the economy and environment.

Within the circular economy, the role of waste management is to collect, treat and return secondary resources and recovered energy back into the cycle of production and consumption. This can be achieved through designing products that can easily be separated into their component materials to support the efficient processing of materials for recovery.

Producing solid recovered fuel is an example of the circular economy in action.

We process residual waste to produce a fuel that can be used in manufacturing as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. This reduces the need for primary resources, such as coal, and ensures waste is put to good use as a secondary resource, as often much of the PPE collected by our service is too highly contaminated to be recycled.

You can see how the Solid Recovered Fuel process feeds into the circular economy diagram below:

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