How confident are you that your premises have the equipment they need to deal with a sudden mass emergency, or a serious and life-threatening injury to an employee or visitor?

These situations develop without warning. An emergency by definition cannot be prepared for while it is in progress, only in advance. There is both a legal and moral imperative for the responsible persons in every workplace and public building to conduct a mandatory risk assessment to highlight any areas of high risk (especially in consideration to employees with disabilities or reduced mobility).

Furthermore, following the risk assessments mandated by law, every employer is obliged to establish measures and facilities to be put into place to eliminate the found risk. This will usually include appropriate apparatus for the handling of any accident, injury, onset of illness (e.g. sudden cardiac arrest), or the management of a potential mass evacuation. Where it is not possible to eliminate risks entirely, risks should be reduced as far as is reasonably practical.

At Bunzl Greenham, we stock a complete range of first aid and medical equipment that is specifically designed to help you reduce or mitigate the risks in the workplace of an accident, illness, or a critical event.


Both the HSE and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005) make it clear that the responsibility to establish a suitable evacuation procedure and provide the appropriate equipment is an obligation resting upon every employer. In any post-incident investigation, it will no longer be a plausible excuse for the failure to plan and provide, to state that someone dialled 999 and waited for the fire or other emergency service to arrive.

The evacuation chair and the transit chair are both designed to aid the transfer of a casualty or immobile person from a position of danger to a place of safety. Their numerous features allow this to be performed comfortably, securely, and with ease.

The Code Red™ two-wheel transit chair is especially useful in situations where the use of trolleys or stretchers is restricted. Cramped or confined exits can be navigated with much greater ease.  Its strong yet lightweight construction and rapid set-up make it a versatile choice wherever room for manoeuvre is limited.

The Code Red™ evacuation chair is an excellent choice for multi-storey buildings. These structures are frequently left without operational lifts during an emergency evacuation, and if not, it is often unsafe or unwise to use or operate them during a fire. The evacuation chair features an advanced track design, enabling a single operator to evacuate an immobile person down a single or multiple flights of stairs smoothly and without difficulty.  More importantly, with the chair’s track taking the weight of the passenger, this procedure can be carried out in complete safety for both the evacuee and the chair operator.

Mediana AED A15

On average, 30,000 people per year suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and as it takes approximately eight minutes for an ambulance in the UK to respond, the victim’s likelihood of survival is less than 10%.  The deployment of an AED within three minutes of a cardiac event dramatically increases the survival rate to 74%.

As every second count, the Mediana A15 AED incorporates several time-saving features calculated to deliver a shock as quickly as possible in an emergency. For instance, the unit powers on as soon as the lid is opened, and the pads are stored already attached to the unit which saves the user valuable time.

The unit includes an easy to locate switch which allows the user to quickly choose between the Adult and Paediatric settings. This, in addition to the same pads being suitable for both age groups, make it a great choice for mixed age environments such as schools, groups and clubs.

No training is required to use the Mediana A15 AED as it has been designed to guide users carefully and clearly through the process of defibrillation.  Easy to follow instructional diagrams on the unit are combined with flashing colour-coded LED lights and audio prompts to clearly assist the user throughout the process in real-time, dispelling confusion and giving any passer-by the safe means to save a life in a Cardiac Emergency.

Disclaimer: The information provided through Greenham Pulse is for general guidance only and is not legal advice. Greenham Pulse is not a substitute for Health and Safety consultancy. You should seek independent advice about any legal matter.