At Greenham, we are always looking for innovative solutions to help keep people safe. The eVent® material technology is used across a variety of our Exclusive Brand products such as KeepSAFE XT workwear and Tuf XT footwear.  This innovative technology provides the top quality protection. Today, we speak with Chad Kelly, who will be discussing the science behind eVent membrane technology and the benefits of this in Greenham TUF XT eVent footwear.


How does eVent membrane technology work in footwear?

eVent® membrane technology has millions of microscopic pores that work immediately and continuously to remove excess moisture and body heat—in other words, sweat—that accumulates inside footwear.   eVent® calls this Direct Venting.  It’s a system that breathes to keep footwear comfortable and dry on the inside. It also protects from the weather on the outside, too, because the pores are too small to let rain and weather pass through the membrane.


What are the key benefits of eVent in safety footwear?

The primary benefit of eVent membrane technology is that it is both waterproof and breathable.  This is critically important in outerwear and footwear—especially for people working outside all day long who are exposed to all kinds of weather. Keeping dry and comfortable is key to working efficiently and safely. If you get cold and clammy, it’s proven that you become less effective at the job you’re trying to do.  eVent not only keeps feet dry from rain and wet environments, but it also breathes to let out body sweat, therefore, preventing chills and discomfort.

Secondly, the eVent membrane inside the TUF XT eVent boots further protects against chemicals and other hazardous substances common in the working environment—eVent builds in an added barrier of defence for professional-grade protection.


How is the eVent membrane made?

eVent membrane is made in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA manufacturing facility.  The membrane is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which starts in a powder form.  After several processes, the final product is shaped and stretched into what is known as ePTFE (expanded PTFE), a very thin, uniform and superior quality film (or membrane) that is carefully inspected and then treated to deliver the performance needed for its specific end use.    This membrane is then sent to our lamination partners that create the final fabrics that are used in a host of products, including footwear, rain jackets, over trousers.

In footwear, the eVent membrane is laminated into a three- or four layer ‘sandwich.’   Those include a liner fabric that is next to your foot.  It protects the membrane and also helps wick moisture away from your foot.  On the other side of the ‘membrane sandwich’ are the boot’s outer layers, which may typically include foam, structural elements and the exterior material, such as leather.  The laminated membrane typically extends high into the collar of the boot and also spans the gussets of the boot’s tongue.


What is the best way to take care of footwear with eVent?

Footwear performs best if it is kept clean inside and out.  That’s particularly true if a boot contains a membrane.   Follow these simple steps:

  • Mud and dirt cause leather to age. Remove by brushing, wiping off or even rinsing your boots inside and out. Do not use detergents, petroleum products or solvents. If rinsing, remove laces and the footbed inside.  Let dry thoroughly; never use heat to try and accelerate the drying process.  You can stuff paper inside the boots to help absorb moisture after rinsing.
  • Empty your boots. Sand and grit inside can cause wear and tear.  Even though the membrane is in a protective sandwich, these abrasives can work their way into the layers and cause harm.
  • Periodically retreat your boots after cleaning. Leather on new boots has been factory-treated to improves its waterproofing, but it can benefit from being re-treated. When the leather looks to be dry or is absorbing water, use a suitable product from Grangers or Nikwax designed for the type of leather in your boots.

What are the important factors in choosing safety footwear with eVent?

You can count on eVent to do its job keeping you dry, comfortable and performing your best. But you should also consider your other on-the-job safety needs, such as the height and support of the boot, and other features.   All the TUF XT line meets the ISO EN20345:2011 standard for general purpose safety footwear, including, for example, slip resistance, and thermal and mechanical risks.   Three of the four styles have epoxy-coated steel toecaps rated to 200 joules and a midsole configured with stainless steel to protect from underfoot penetration. The fourth style, the TUF XT eVent Scout, is non-metallic for the safety of electrical workers.

A big thank you to Chad Kelly for taking his time to share his insights with us! To see the full range of eVent footwear view here


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