When you work in some of the toughest and dirtiest trades in the construction industry, who do you rely on to manufacture tools that are as tough as the job you’re doing?

For plasterers and bricklayers, the answer to this question is Marshalltown. Since 1890 when Jesse and Lester Williams started the trowel company which went on to become Marshalltown, they have been making the toughest, most reliable trowels and accessories for the plastering and bricklaying trades from their state of the art production facilities in the heart of the USA.

Each and every Marshalltown brick trowel is forged in the USA from a single piece of Marshalltown’s own formula high carbon steel and then heat-treated to ensure the impact areas are strong and durable prior to each blade being taper ground and polished. Marshalltown precisely maintains the blade chemistry and holds extremely tight tolerances on blade thickness to maintain both a consistent blade strength and flexibility. The handle rise is set to an exact angle for the correct hang and balance before the patented DuraSoft grip is securely bonded to the tang and features an integral finger guard and bumper to make sure that Marshalltown brick trowels are always comfortable to use.

Marshalltown plastering trowels are manufactured in the USA with the same amount of dedication using the highest grade hardened and tempered spring steel in the blade, properly shaped with bevelled work edges to prevent surface popping. The shank and mounting of the trowel are made from Marshalltown’s patented Xtralite aluminium alloy which is lightweight but very strong and secured with ten invisible steel rivets. The patented DuraSoft handle is resilient, provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue and is a standard size that fits all Marshalltown plastering trowels meaning it can be replaced by removing the retaining nut and washer.

Marshalltown is committed to innovation with continuous product development alongside major improvements to their infrastructure, manufacturing and distribution processes to ensure that customers are always well served. The huge Marshalltown range includes their market-leading brick and plastering trowels as well as pointing, gauging, margin, bucket and notched trowels, tuck pointers, jointers, hawks, taping knives, edgers, bull floats, drywall, tiling and decorators tools together with accessories and spare parts.

So the next time that your bricklaying or plastering trowel lets you down on the job, try Marshalltown – the professional choice since 1890.

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