In 2012, British Waterways became the Canal and River Trust. This charity protects over 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. The Canal River Trust relies on supporters and a passionate team of staff and volunteers. The trust works to create better, more open spaces, breathing new life into our canals and rivers.

How are Greenham helping the Canal and River Trust?

Greenham developed a workwear range and the artwork for the new brand, which was in line with the corporate logo and image developed by the Trust. Currently, 29% of the workforce are females. This figure continues to increase towards the target of 40%. Over time, this range has developed to meet the requirements of the growing percentage of ladies in the workforce.

Which suppliers were featured?

Greenham featured the Rockfall ladies’ footwear range, KeepSAFE and Leo high-visibility garments, Regatta and Helly Hansen workwear.

What involvement did the Canal River Trust staff have in the process?

In 2016, a series of roadshows at various Canal River Trust sites and Greenham Service Centres took place. Discussions about the suitability and requirements of the different roles and activities carried out by ladies took place. Feedback was also gathered on the current range available to females. This included the additional products with ladies sizes, ranges and fittings.

What were the results?

All garments were received on time and in full. We then discussed the differentiation of the Leo garments trimmed in purple as being a feature which sets women apart.

Why is it important to create workwear specifically for females?

The Trust have a target of 40% of ladies within their workforce and growth of numbers of ladies at all levels and in all roles. Ladies have very specific requirements and expectations about the fit of workwear garments which are not taken into account in male or unisex clothing. A female body shape differs so specifically made garments are important for not only comfort but also for safety reasons. Loose garments can be dangerous in certain circumstances and ill-fitting clothing and weather wear will not be as effective with regards to temperature control and water resistance.

Fit and comfort are the main requirements, but fashion and style were also considered to be important. The workwear market is catching up with the number of ladies in industry and businesses demanding specific PPE and workwear and although this is being appreciated in the main, the workforce is demanding faster growth to keep up with demand.